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Comment Re:Right... (Score 1) 674

He admitted at townhalls with the employees that there was plenty of blame for the company's current circumstances to go all around

Did he offer to take the same pay cut labor was going to suffer? Did he extend that offer to the rest of the executive staff? If not, he's far more to blame than the bakers. You can't blame the bakers for refusing an unfair offer.

From further up, it seems he was on a $1 a year salary, along with his top 3 executives.

Comment Re:Highest bang-per-buck ratio of any SoC (Score 1) 101

The Raspberry Pi is available today at $35

Stop lying. Its LISTED on a site somewhere, but its NOT available. You can click it, send money and wait till November, thats not selling, thats pre ordering.

How is he lying? I've got my Raspberry Pi in my hands, so it is available today. The fact that you hyave a long waiting period doesn't mean that it's not available

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