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Comment Re:Read the article ... (Score 0) 1127

You obviously don't know anything about hunting or firearms. The hunters didn't have "rifles". You don't bring "rifles" to a pigeon shoot. You bring "shotguns", which are totally different from "rifles". You could shoot a shotgun at a person standing 100 yard away and it would do nothing to him but pepper him with birdshot. The only way they could have shot down this copter is with shotguns, obviously.

Comment Global Warming is a scam (Score 0, Flamebait) 535

Yeah, the global warming is hitting the NorthEast pretty hard right now. They're supposed to get a few feet of global-warming before the storm is over. Thank god we've got the eco-terrorists to remind us that Cold = Weather, Heat = Global Warming, Drought = Global Warming-induced Weather Changes. Sure, they can't tell you what the temperature or the weather will be like 2 weeks from now. But what it will be like a hundred years from now? No problem. We've got that one nailed. ;)

Comment Re:ManBearPig is real! I'm Super Cereal!!! (Score 1) 363

A 1.4 degree change in temperature over 100 years is within the margin of error of the instruments. It's is not a "statistically significant" change. This is a scientific term. This is the science you should choose to debate. Different that your mental masturbation and ad hominem attacks. The IPCC has manipulated the temperatures. Claims to have lost the original data. Refuses to share their temperature data for independent evaluation. Created an illegal back-door communications channel to circumvent FOIA requests on taxpayer funded studies. Shut down thermometers in cooler locations. Deliberately attacked, ostracized, and excluded scientists with opposing views from publishing their results in journals. And, in spite of all of this, they have a 1.4 degree increase over a hundred years which that cling to and claim the world is on the brink. This is beyond absurd. It's a religion. Not a science. Scientists are supposed to be skeptics. Global Warming alarmists are skeptics. They're Chicken Littles.

Comment Re:ManBearPig is real! I'm Super Cereal!!! (Score 1) 363

I think that's right. I mean, other than the fact that there is no global warming. The IPCC is a scam. Climate Gate exposed what the world already suspected...that they were deliberately manipulating the temperatures to achieve a desired result. That they place their thermometers in warmer locations (heat islands) and systematically remove the cooler thermometers. That, after manipulating the temperature data, they claim to have lost the original (unedited) temps. (Guffaw). That they deliberately smear and attempt to discredit any scientist that opposes them. That they got caught at all of the above. That they ignore and/or discredit anyone who disagrees with their sham and then claim there's a "consensus" and that the science is settled. That they get caught deliberately attempting to create a back-door communication channel to circumvent the pesky ole FOIA requests for work that is funded by taxpayer dollars. Yeah, I think you're right. Other than the fact that anthropogenic global warming/klimate change/ice age is a complete fraud and a poorly run sham, I don't have any real arguments. You got me. ;)

Comment Re:ManBearPig is real! I'm Super Cereal!!! (Score 1) 363

Roger that. DIdn't mean to keep you up at night. I'm sure you've got to get up early to start your shift at McDonald's. My point was that you tree-huggers always claim that the "science is settled" and the "consensus" among scientists is that we have anthropomorphic Global Warming /Klimate Change / Ice Age coming, etc...insert fear factor of the hour term here. But the reality is that there is no "consensus". There's only a "consensus" if you ignore all of the dissenting opinions, which is absurd. But, I know. I'm wasting my time here. I'm not going to change our mind. You're not going to change mine. And you've got to get up early to start frying up those Egg McMuffins.

Comment Re:ManBearPig is real! I'm Super Cereal!!! (Score 1) 363

Except for the 700+ climatologists that came out after Climate Gate and announced that they thought anthropogenic Klimate Change and Global Warming were a bunch of hooey. I'm a podiatrist. You're a pederast. We've all got our issues. Call me a fool. But 700+ scientists? Probably not so much. ;)

Comment Re:ManBearPig is real! I'm Super Cereal!!! (Score 1) 363

Derp! And don't forget...before Klimate Change...before Global was The Coming Ice Age they were warning us about. You're right. Sounds like rock-solid conclusive inarguable science to me. Who am I to doubt the shifting predictions of the charlatans at the IPCC?,9171,944914,00.html

Comment Re:ManBearPig is real! I'm Super Cereal!!! (Score 0, Flamebait) 363

No, you're right. The glassy-eyed liberals switched from "Global Warming" to "Klimate Change" to hedge their bets. The bet now is that "the climate, which has always changed, is going to continue to change". Brilliant. There's a prediction we can all agree with. The earth's average temperature has risen 1.4 degree F in the last 100 years. So, I'd call that remarkable stable. But, if you want to read the tea leaves instead of using science, which clearly says this change is easily within the margin of error and not statistically significant...then're right. Global Warming is a religion, though, not a science. So, yeah, you can worship at the altar of Global Warming, just don't confuse your religion with Science. That's all. Because it doesn't even come close.

Comment "climate change" (Score 0) 226

there is no science behind "climate change", obviously. It's a pseudo-scientific scare tactic. The temperature of the earth has not risen. There is no global warming. And changing to "climate change" midstream is just hedging your bets, like "boxing" the "exacta" or the "frifecta". We're not sure if it will get warmer. Or colder. But we are sure that the weather, which is always changing, will continue to change. In an unpredictable manner. we've got to quit burning fossil fuels. Hahahahahaha. Science? Please. Please. Please. The religion that is "climate change" doesn't even come close to being backed up by an true "science". I don't know a ton about Yucca Mountain, but I seriously doubt that you want to try to improve your argument by holding up "climate change" as a serious scientific endeavor. That would be a ghastly mistake.

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