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Comment Removing Skeletons? (Score 1) 73

Well there go the sales of "Lego Battles" in China. (OK, I kid when I talk about "actual" software sales in China) Pretty much any plastic Lego set that has skellies in them as well. Pirates, Castle, Indy, etc. At least I can take to heart that there will be no more pirated versions of "Clash of the Titans" floating around China. Heaven forbid China should decide to invade North America on the evening of Oct. 31st. That is when we allow the skeletons, princesses, superheroes, witches and ghosts free to patrol the streets looking for sustenance. They will find you.

Comment Re:City jobs are a bad thing? (Score 1) 836

I used to be a city lifeguard as a teen, and I understand your comments about prevention. Girls would ask me at parties how many people I had saved (meaning immediately drowning). My answer was always "none". Usually this would get blank-stares as they could not comprehend that if I did my job correctly, I would never face that situation. Prevention was the key. Luckily we had more than enough female guards (that understood prevention) and weren't ashamed to show off their bodies in bikinis and tank tops (or less!) to make up for the loss of bimbos that couldn't quite get it. I had a lot of training for emergencies, just like the police do. However prevention is the largest part of the job. As exciting as it may be to ask a policemen you know how many people they have shot, if they say zero, they were likely doing their jobs correctly.

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