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Comment Sounds like a good idea. (Score 1) 578

"destroying the fundamental underpinnings of the broadcast television ecosystem."

We can only hope.

Doing so would certainly satisfy the Copyright Clause of the US Constitution:

                  To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to
                  Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries.

I can think of few better ways to "promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts" than "destroying the ... broadcast television ecosystem."

Comment Re:Ooo (Score 1) 421

I don't think we'll have to move NYC. I think we can hire some Dutch engineers to build dykes along the lower-west side, across the East River to Brooklyn, and then up by the Throg's Neck, between Queens and the Bronx. Aside from keeping above water, you'd get the reclaim all the land under the East River.

This would be the coolest project to work on.


Fine Print Says Game Store Owns Your Soul 262

mr_sifter writes "UK games retailer GameStation revealed that it legally owns the souls of thousands of customers, thanks to a clause it secretly added to the online terms and conditions for its website. The 'Immortal Soul Clause' was added as part of an attempt to highlight how few customers read the terms and conditions of an online sale. GameStation claims that 88 percent of customers did not read the clause, which gives legal ownership of the customer's soul over to the UK-based games retailer. The remaining 12 percent of customers however did notice the clause and clicked the relevant opt-out box, netting themselves a £5 GBP gift voucher in the process."

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