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Comment already (Score 5, Interesting) 863

Yay, first post!

They have those things in Sacramento California also, they suck! I hate them! They're the worst!
I heard in some cities though that they place sensors under the parking spots that reset the meter whenever somebody removes their car, as another way of making sure nobody gets any free time.

Comment NBC (Score 1) 175

Far as I know, Hulu is owned by NBC. They already own the content. They can do what they want with it. Comacast (and other cable companies) don't own content. They can't do anything with something they don't own (or license). It's that simple.

But also, I don't know why the cable companies want to have a website for internet TV. They say it's not for revenue, and it certainly couldn't be, a big website like Hulu costs a lot to develop, and while I like Hulu, it doesn't make me think any more or less of NBC, or earn them any goodwill.

Yeah, they make money from advertising, but it can't come close to what it cost to develop the site.

Comment how? (Score 1) 399

So far I only read about how you can use this to unblock somebody calling your cell phone, how do you implement it on somebody calling your land line with caller ID?

How does it handle situations where the caller ID info is not transmitted by the switch? (if the call is coming from overseas or from some rural place)

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