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Comment Re:How do you put a date on something like that? (Score 1) 145

Sorry, that doesn't wash. Stonehenge is between two-and-a-half and three millenia older than mainstream Christianity in Great Britain, yet after Stonehenge we don't see monumental architecture on such a scale anywhere. It is not proven that the Druids built Stonehenge, but even if they did, there is a big difference between "religion" and "civilisation".

So because no other monuments of that scale were built (or didn't last until present day (which means because no proof exists today means that it never existed under your claim?)) that means the pagans (or druids, or whatever you want to call them) died off (or their culture as you claim? I didn't realize they were a separate civilization) shortly after Stonehenge was built... I'm sorry, but that explanation just doesn't wash.

Comment Could be worse (Score 1) 298

Even though I am not a fan of Microsoft products, they are giving out choices on what to buy. It is true that not everyone needs every software application from Microsoft. This is why 7 different packages will be ofered. From here you can click on the links to see the pricing, and what packages will be available, and with what applications included. Although, if you ask me, even the 'Basic' and 'Home and Student' options are overpriced.

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