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Submission + - Genome Map of Zika-Carrying Mosquito In Tatters (nytimes.com) 1

biobricks writes: Withconventional methods of controlling the kind of mosquito that carries the Zika virus proving ineffective,some of the nation’s leading mosquitoresearchers are striving to fix a decade-old mapof the insect’s DNAthat they say will help them fight it with its own genetic code.

Comment Re:Please just be a bank account (Score 1) 143

We're pretty much experimenting with our kids education every day. Common Core has been a miserable disaster and it was a large-scale, government run, "scientifically backed" curriculum deployment. Unfortunately the funding isn't there, teachers don't understand the rules and guidelines, kids are most certainly not picking up on the material in any sort of ground-breaking way, and parents are upset and frustrated. You can't form a single education plan and universally apply it to 50 million children. Will it work? Who knows. Is he going to risk destroying the lives of a couple hundred children by doing this? That's highly doubtful. Giving a bunch of low-income undeserved youths and their families access to tuition free top-notch education technology, personalized learning curriculum, health care, etc is going to be a LOT better than what they would get from their local public education system... especially when you consider how education funding is normally split along the economic spectrum of low income areas vs high income areas in this country. In any case, citing a 40 year old pre-computer age government report and a single professor from a religious research college in the blurb is really not the most reliably source for counter arguments anyways.

Comment Re:jerk (Score 5, Insightful) 1440

I'd bet that 90%+ of your statistic is 99.9% made up! You should probably work on being less jaded. I'd say a large majority of people are reasonable enough to only text at a red light and stay off their phones while driving. From my own car or from the sidewalk I still catch far more people talking with the phone up to their ear than I do catch people texting. Not being able to touch your Navigation for a couple seconds if its mounted to your windshield because its a 'phone' and not a separate $100+ device (that requires yearly subscriptions) is absolutely ridiculous, though.

Comment Re:Do these places have TV and Radio (Score 1) 50

I work for a bit of a larger WISP then what your friend was doing. The business model and technology we use would be great in third world countries. WISPs have been around for a good chunk of time now, so there's a lot of tech around from the first couple generations of equipment that affordable and well documented. And you don't even need an established antenna site, there are tons of military surplus and commercial mobile tower rigs out there.

Comment Everything in the light of partisanism!! (Score 1) 2

I hate to break it to you, but just because some liberals were against the Space Program it doesn't mean that its suddenly some sort of win for conservatives. You can't look at history in the black-and-white ultra-partisan view of today. If anything the Space Program was a nationalist progressive movement brought on by a combination of a belief in the superiority of USA in technology and our social-political system, as well as a healthy dose of fear and paranoia about the Russians getting a leg up. The Space Program in fact goes deeply against what both a traditional conservative would support as well as what the twisted "conservatives" of today would support as well. It's big government doing something that the private sector could do. I don't care to do the research because I'm simply not going to spend my day trying to disprove such a small minded approach with more than a few sentences here, but I imagine that there were serious anti-space program legislators on both sides of the aisle (Although, I can imagine once the Space Program was whipped up into a leading nationalist project the presence of McCarthyism made it a bit harder to voice objections). Again, you can't just pull any old historical situation where a few liberals or a few conservatives were against and lump them in with all the rest. That mentality is a huge portion of what is wrong with out country today, we've taken all the voices out of politics and given ourselves only two very simple minded and very corrupt voices to work with instead - and damn anyone who deviates from the party path!

Comment They're in their right (Score 1) 3

If you feel the need to reverse engineer it of course they have every right to cut you off, the Kindle handles paid digital media, if those EULA protections weren't in place the Kindle wouldn't exist because publishing companies wouldn't allow their books to be sold and viewed on it. Don't be a dolt.

Comment Combat Training? (Score 1) 2

"LOP are designated as the only shotguns authorized for ED based on compatibility with ED existing shotgun inventory, certified armor and combat training and protocol, maintenance, and parts."

I understand that there are definitely schools in this country that are almost like war zones, probably more-so after these last few years of economic depression. But are we really at the point where DoE officers have training and protocols for 'combat training' to go along with their shotguns and armor? Aren't there a number of less intense training programs, like bank-security-guard-level? or hell even riot-police-training-level would be better than take-what-you-learned-in-Fallujah-and-apply-it-here-in-this-inner-city-school-Combat-Training....no?
And I understand that this is a document from the gun manufacturer and not from the schools dept itself, but I'm very interested to learn exactly how the term 'combat training' made it into that document.

Comment Outrageous (Score 1) 1

This is just outrageous. First of all, they're 18 years old and seniors who will be leaving in 3 months anyways... Does this school really thing they've successfully brushed this issue under the rug and they won't run into it next year or the year after?
I'm still young enough where I can remember high school, and I can't imagine the administration ever putting such a huge target on someone's back, let alone a student who is already going to be in a high risk group. (Lets face it, its a sad state of affairs but gay/lesbian/etc teens are way more at risk to be hurt or to hurt themselves). Granted, I also can't imagine my school going so out of their way to limit my exposure to what is basically a social norm. Its just outrageous.
I almost look forward to the time when my son is in middle school and high school, it sounds like every PTA board across this country needs some sort of voice of reason to prevent themselves from wallowing in their own insanity...

Comment Use everything you can throw at that scumbag! (Score 1) 3

That seems like an incredibly skeevy move on your competitors part. I would do everything I could to put this guy in his place, and save yourself money in the process.... send them some legal looking letters, complain to your city and state commerce boards and better business bureau... I would even write a letter to every paper and any sort of reporters in your area who are known for 'shame on you' or 'keeping them honest' type investigative journalism, you never know who's whistle you'll wet. I also have to imagine that your competitor posting a website cloning your name with the soul purpose to propagate the mis-information that you went out of business has to be considered slander or libel in some way, no?

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