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Submission + - Graphene Optical Lens a Billionth of a Meter Thick Breaks the Diffraction Limit (

Zothecula writes: With the development of photonic chips and nano-optics, the old ground glass lenses can't keep up in the race toward miniaturization. In the search for a suitable replacement, a team from the Swinburne University of Technology has developed a graphene microlens one billionth of a meter thick that can take sharper images of objects the size of a single bacterium and opens the door to improved mobile phones, nanosatellites, and computers.

Comment Re:Kerbal Space Program! (Score 2) 669

Can't recommend KSP enough!
I had never played a sandbox game (although now playing in career mode).
This game takes game/simulation into the realm of hobbyist/enthusiast. I've now had a crash-course (pardon pun) in astro-navigation in Newtonian physics.

You will want to install the Scott Manley list of mods to get the full effect- which is beautiful btw.

The community is active, the developers commited and it looks like the push is for deep space.

I also still play Enemy Territory: Wolfenstein, a game now over ten years old(!) still great FPS fun.

Submission + - Has LHC seen a hint of the Higgs? (

gbrumfiel writes: "Researchers at two detectors at the Large Hadron Collider are seeing something unusual. The signal is faint, but it could be from the long-sought Higgs particle. The Higgs is part of the mechanism that gives other particles mass, and it also unifies the electromagnetic and electroweak forces. No one is willing to declare it found just yet, but the new data from the CMS and ATLAS detectors are an independent, "tantalizing" hint of what's to come. The results were presented today at HEP-2011 in Grenoble, France."

Submission + - State Rep honors local volunteers (

riverrunner10 writes: Rep Pat George honors KC volunteers for the contribution to the community — including KC businessman Dan Tasset who started the Integral Life Foundation to develop young leaders.

Submission + - Microwave Background "Pattern" Probably Just Noise (

astroengine writes: "The pattern encoded in the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR) as announced by world renowned physicist Roger Penrose and co-author Vahe Gurzadyan last month is probably just noise, say two papers rebutting Penrose's controversial research. Although it would have been fun to find a pattern rippling through the slight microwave anisotropies, perhaps revealing a universe before the Big Bang (hinting at a very Stargate Universe-esque "structure" in the CMBR), it would appear that Penrose and co. did the cosmological equivalent of seeing rabbit shapes in clouds."

Submission + - Goodbye, VGA (

jones_supa writes: "Leading PC companies have expressed their will to finally start kicking out legacy display interfaces. Intel plans to end support of LVDS in 2013 and VGA in 2015 in its PC client processors and chipsets. While the large installed base of existing VGA monitors and projectors will likely keep VGA on PC back panels beyond 2015, PC and display panel makers are in strong support of this transition. The DisplayPort connector interface provides backwards and forwards compatibility by supporting VGA and DVI output via certified adapters, while also providing new capabilities such as single connector multi-monitor support."

Scientists Discover Solar Powered Hornets 177

adeelarshad82 writes "The oriental hornet is more active during the day, and tends to become even more active as the temperature rises. And now scientists have discovered the reason: the hornets are solar powered. It turns out that the distinctive yellow stripe on the hornet's abdomen is actually full of tiny protrusions that gather sunlight and harness it for energy. The insect also features a special pigment, called xanthopterin, that helps with the process."

Submission + - "Private Mobile App Stores" for Companies (

wiredmikey writes: MobileIron has release a solution that lets businesses create private "½ÂoeEnterprise App Stores"½Â and deliver in-house iPhone and iPad apps to their employees without having to post them publicly. The solution enables companies to deploy App Storefronts combined with a fully customizable API and policy engine that ensures secure apps get to employees and that rogue apps are kept out for both corporate-owned and employee-owned smartphones. IT approves the in-house app, sets policy boundaries based upon the user's role and mobile platform, and then publishes the app for end-users to download over the air.

Submission + - Researchers develop genuine 3D camera (

cylonlover writes: Cameras that can shoot 3D images are nothing new, but they don't really capture three dimensional moments at all — they actually record images in stereoscopic format, using two 2D images to create the illusion of depth. These photos and videos certainly offer a departure from their conventional two dimensional counterparts, but if you shift your view point, the picture remains the same. Researchers from Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) hope to change all that with the development of a strange-looking camera that snaps 360 degrees of simultaneous images and then reconstructs the images in 3D.
United States

Submission + - Sarah Palin's website and credit card info hacked ( 5

kaptink writes: SARAH Palin's political action committee website and personal credit card information were the subject of cyber attacks by WikiLeaks supporters.

“No wonder others are keeping silent about Assange's antics,” , the former Alska Governor told ABC News in an email. “This is what happens when you exercise the First Amendment and speak against his sick, un-American espionage efforts.”

Ms Palin's fundraising website,, was targeted by the cyber attackers as well as her and husband Todd's credit card information, she said.

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