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Comment Re:Does anyone beiieve this number? (Score 1) 175

Same here. I worked for a large public sector health company in Europe. After a few data breaches at Energy companies and Banks, it was a ticking timebomb for management. Every new laptop is encrypted being handed to the user and a big effort is underway to get the older ones. Old laptops which can't handle encryption are being replaced, all for 100,000+ employee organization.

Submission + - Largest Irish ISP: piracy 'good for rock stars' (

dueyfinster writes: "Although recent news indicates the RIAA may be winding down legal actions against file-sharers; RIAA's conterparts around the World have continued legal action: IRMO (Irish Music Rights Organisation) whose members include Warner, Sony, EMI and Universal are suing Ireland's largest ISP Eircom. They have uncovered emails by the ISP relating to a meeting about Piracy in 2001:

"We need to reach a decision on how we are going to handle this," the email said. "PS 'piracy' is a loaded term. Could we say 'sharing'- 'piracy' implies there's something wrong with it. Think of it as helping the health and good living of rich cocaine sniffing rock stars by leaving them with less free money to spend on sex and drugs."

IMRO's prosecution is relying on European laws and the Irish Constition which both having 'right to property' laws; while Eircom is claiming common carrier status. Unfortunately for Eircom their is no provision for this in either Irish or European law (unlike the DMCA); as the recent three strikes law in France shows. IMRO says it loses € 13.8 m annually; which at 40% (Eircoms broadband market share) it claims makes Eircom liable for between € 4 and € 5 million annually. If nothing else it will be interesting to see how the 'Hookers and Blow' argument flies; a decision is expected in 4 weeks time."

XBox (Games)

Xbox DRM and the Red Ring of Death 147

manekineko2 writes "In the latest case warning of the perils of investing in DRM'd media, an owner of an Xbox 360 reports that after his Xbox suffered the infamous Red Ring of Death, it was replaced by a new system with a different serial number. Upon receiving his replacement, he found that he could only access the media he had purchased from a specific account. He also received the run-around for months from customer service before his case was escalated, only to be informed that there is no ETA for a resolution, there is no way to receive status updates on the process, and there is no compensation that will be granted. Given claims that the Xbox 360 defect rate is as high as 1 in 3, has anyone on Slashdot gone through this as well after getting their system exchanged?" Update: 02/14 17:11 GMT by Z : An emailing user noted that the original summary was not very accurate; rephrased to be more in-line with the situation.

Submission + - Microsoft Awarded Voice Recognition Patent (

dueyfinster writes: "Microsoft has been issued with a patent for software that recognises the voice of a caller based on its tone. The patent was awarded to Microsoft developer Andrei Pascovici on Tuesday, and works by analysing the tone of the voice and comparing it to a database of existing recordings to identify the caller.

"A voice input is received from the caller, and the characteristics are applied to a plurality of acoustic models, which includes a generic acoustic model and acoustic models of any previously identified callers, to obtain a plurality of respective acoustic scores."
Is this yet another example of abuse of the patent system with 'obvious' and trivial developments being patented for no good reason?"


Submission + - James Kim... From TechTV, DLTV has died.

An anonymous reader writes: From "We're deeply saddened to report that the body of James Kim was found Wednesday after an exhausting search through remote sections of Josephine County, Oregon. James was missing for 11 days. His wife and daughters were rescued on Monday afternoon." and KTVU Channel 2 News... "MERLIN, Ore. — James Kim, the heroic father who died in the mountains of Southern Oregon after leaving his family to seek help succumbed to hypothermia and exposure, authorities said after his autopsy report was made public Thursday... Kim, 35, a senior editor, joined CNET Networks Inc. about three years ago and wrote reviews about digital music and audio devices for the technology-themed Web site and a CNET blog about electronics. He also appeared on the company's video segments and on television." We will miss you James...

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