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Comment Re: AI does what AI is programmed to do (Score 2) 159

No, that's the problem. AI does not do what it is programmed by people to do. Because it is self programming. And we don't know what it is programmed to do unless it tells us.

Your premise is like saying, children do what their parents tell them to. No, they grow up and change their behavior iteratively.

Comment Real Stuff (Score 0) 189

If SUSE is the real stuff, why are more real people running Ubuntu? Linux binaries running in Windows does not help me because I don't run Windows. But for those who must use Windows, the ability to have access to all Linux programs is a good idea.

As to Windows binaries running in Linux, why assume it's up to Linux folks to make that happen? As Linux takes more market share, on servers and on the desktop, all software vendors will want to be where the action is. And THAT is the real stuff.

Comment In the beginning.... (Score 4, Funny) 224

In the beginning, God created Debian. And He saw that it was good. But even good can be improved upon, so God created a help mate for Debian and He named that creature Ubuntu. And Ubuntu was fertile and multiplied and brought forth upon the Earth every distribution that crawled upon the land and swam in the sea below and flew in the air above. And God saw that it was good. Because people like to have choices and Linux is for people... and not just for corporations.

Comment automata (Score 2) 73

Interesting to compare this to Micron's Automata processor, which is using standard DRAM for computations, taking advantage of massive parallelism for specialized tasks involving unstructured data. But this application is for a specialized RAM which probably has less general use. https://www.micronautomata.com...

Comment Re:And the operating system is..... (Score 1) 229

You are correct that Amazon has the capability to control FireOS since it is a fork under the GPL. But they won't do it. Amazon will never add any substantial content to FireOS because they would have to provide the source code to the public (and back to Google). Amazon is not interested in operating systems. They will accept what Google gives them. That's fine but it's not what the author of the article was implying. In fact, the author does not seem to know what an operating system is.

Asking simple questions is one of the context specific tasks I was talking about. But that's a pretty shallow use. Just try to drill down and ask a more specific question in response to the first answer. Alexa: "The next full moon is on Tuesday." "Will that be another super moon?" "Will it be cloudy then?" "What is the exact time of fullness?" Alexa will have no idea.

If people you have given computing equipment to are getting good use from it, I'm glad. I'm not saying Alexa or voice operations are useless. But this does not suggest that Amazon has conquered the world. And that is the fallacious premise of the article.

Comment And the operating system is..... (Score 2) 229

Clearly written by someone with a background in marketing, not programming or hardware. Amazon is NOT an operating system, despite what the salesman says. Echo uses FireOS which is a fork of Android. So the operating system that us running voice in the home is controlled by Google,not Amazon. And these folks have still not learned that, with the exception of context specific tasks (like switching room lights on and off) an interface that requires the user to self-generate commands is less useful to the general public than a point and click visual system. This is why most people use a mouse or trackpad rather than the command line.

Comment Independent contractor? (Score 5, Insightful) 150

One more piece of evidence (if more were needed) to show that the "independent contractor" fantasy is phony. Uber wants to call it's drivers contractors so they don't have to pay minimum wage or offer benefits. But if drivers really were contractors, it would be none of Uber's business if flirtation or consensual sex were on the menu of services offered.

Comment Should have a Deep Impact.... (Score 5, Interesting) 431

given that among the authors of the Nature paper are R. C. Wolf and C. Biedermann. This Wolf-Biedermann project will of course produce high energy neutrons which must leave magnetic confinement in order to provide useful energy. When these neurtons strike metallic shielding material in the walls of the "stellerator" they generate radioactive elements via the process called neutron activation. And these radioactive elements release gamma rays, alpha and beta particles, x-rays and other components collectively referred to as radioactive waste. So when this ad from the 1950s claims there will be no radioactive waste, it is not telling the truth.

Comment Geoblock my house (Score 2) 143

I think the FAA has greatly underestimated the chaos that will ensue when the air is full of drones that can buzz your house and invade your privacy. So why not allow individual property owners to have their property geoblocked up to a certain altitude, say 500 feet. I can have my phone listed in the federal Do-Not-Call Registry. Why not have a federal geoblock registry to keep the pesky things away?

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