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Comment A New World (One Without You) Whoa! (Score 1) 303

There was a time when Apple computers did something their PC counterparts didn't. They were stable and secure where PCs weren't. They had high-end hardware where PCs didn't. The market changed. Windows 7 included fine-grained security controls. Toshiba, et. al. trounced even Apple in hardware reliability. Apple became just a name. There was a time when Apple MP3 players did something their generic counterparts didn't. They were better MP3 players. iTunes blew Windows Media Player out of the water, too. The market changed. Better MP3 players came out. Phones, et. al. started playing music, too, and streaming it from online, even. For free. Apple became just a name. There was a time when Apple phones did something more than BlackBerries, Palms, and Android devices did. They had an App Store. They had a nice web browser. They were reliable. The market changed. A smartphone drops calls. Which is it? iPhone. A smartphone overheats? iPhone. A smartphone is riddled with restrictions on paid content... See a pattern? Now, look at the market. BlackBerry just released the Torch. Yeah, the screen isn't amazing. OK? The web browser renders pixel for pixel how an iPhone does. It plays music like an iPhone does. Oh, yeah. Except, the BlackBerry can run multi-task more freely, text message more quickly, receive messages faster, go longer on a charge, and on... Same story on Android. Same story on Palm, to a degree. Remind me again why a Verizon customer should give two thoughts about a phone MAYBE coming that has less capabilities than half the current lineup?

Comment Re:It is the most important open source project. (Score 1) 191

3-year hp desktops to 6-month asus notebooks.

NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM has all the drivers required for normal operation... And they don't accept vista drivers either... Amazingly, on several of those machines, as a joke we tested mac os x hackintosh, just to see how it goes. And the hackintosh performed better out-of-box than windows 7. No need to say that ubuntu recognized everything from the start.

I call B.S. First, where and how did you buy an Asus laptop that recently with Windows 7 on it? Second, Ubuntu is not going to load proprietary drivers from the start, anyway. I've used it. I've used all of the above. Worst case scenario, Windows Update will grab the drivers from the Internet. Sound and video has been standardized for years. There are plenty of pros for Linux. Don't get me wrong. But HARDWARE SUPPORT, especially support of WEBCAMS is NOT one of them.

Comment Re:It is the most important open source project. (Score 1) 191

I stand corrected. Still, however, WHS has the main security issue that XP had: users are all admin by default, as are applications. Just not SUCH a childish-appearing UI. Your common security issues aren't from inbound port scans. I've personally run XP SP3 for months with no antivirus or third-party firewall. No major problems, less you do something excessively stupid like running IE or Outlook Express unrestricted. Problem is, that is what anyone who is running a default installation of Windows prior to Vista is doing. It's generally a moot point, though. Any PC that is new enough to still be running its original power supply can run some incarnation of Windows 7. Any comparable Mac can run Mac OS/X. All of the above can run Linux 2.6. If the only way that a given executable file, including the OS itself, can break something is with user intervention, there is only one word: PEBKAC. Thus, not Microsoft's fault. Neither, Apple's (as much as it pains me). Nor .

Comment Re:Tough choice (Score 1) 259

Bravo to the family. Of course, the best and most direct way to eliminate genetic disorders is to sterilize anyone with the gene, but this gets the job done as well without limiting the genetic advancement of the population by sterilizing so much of it. I have a pretty OBVIOUS and NOT-VAGUE position for the whole baby vs fetus argument. Life begins at the same spot life ends. Any truth is the same viewed from all directions. You must have neural activity to be considered alive. If you don't, you're dead. Birth is just the opposite of that. If there's no neural activity (thus, no consciousness), stem cell research is fair game. Genetic manipulation is fair game. Abortion is fair game. In all reality, abortion would probably be a good source of the former. Natural selection is a nasty process. If you don't advance, you will die out. Pregnancies that will lead to problems (social, pathological, etc.) SHOULD be terminated, hopefully learning from them. If we truly want a world where people are smarter and healthier, we must do it. We already thwarted evolution with contraception. We have to take it into our hands.

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