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Comment Re:This is the sort of accessories you can't buy. (Score 2, Interesting) 1189

Depends on the states criminal code. In some states the getaway driver can only be found guilty if the prosecution shows by clear and convincing evidence that they intentionally acted in such a way as to assist with the commission of a crime. If, for example, I am driving a RIAA lawyer around town and and he asks me to stop at a certain house and wait and I do and while inside the house he sodomizes the owner's poodle then leaves and I drive him back to his BDSM club where he is arrested for sodomizing the poodle I will not be charged with the commission of a crime because I had no idea he planned to sodomize the poodle. I did not have the requisite intent to assist him in his poodle sodomizing crime. On the other hand, if an MPAA lawyer is driving the RIAA lawyer around looking for a poodle to sodomize and the MPAA lawyer knows they are looking for a poodle to sodomize and the RIAA lawyer does, in fact, sodomize the poodle, then the MPAA lawyer can be charged with a crime.

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