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Comment Re:Too easy to defeat. (Score 2, Informative) 168

The user would go to the phishing site and hopefully realize something's wrong when everything looks different.

Or would they? A notice on the top of the site saying that "to improve security, we've currently suspended personalised styles so everyone gets the default one" or "we're currently upgrading the personalised styles (to give you the next generation of smilies ;))" (or something like that) would probably take a lot of people in. I mean, look at some of the scams going round today - "update your security details", "your email address has won an email lottery", etc. I'm sure the hackers that host these sites could come up with some plausible, techie (and thus impervious to most people) 'excuse' for changing the colours.

Besides, there's the old adage that the average user will click whatever he or she thinks will let him get his task done quickest. They might think "hmm, the colours have changed" but that'll be quickly followed by "ahh, but there's the box I need to enter my details to log in".

Undoubtedly it'll help a little, but I reckon in the majority of cases colour change =/=> don't use this site.

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