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Comment Liberals vs Fundamentalist Conservative (Score 2, Insightful) 794

"So, why do many of us perceive Whole Foods and the Creation Museum so differently?"

Because Whole Foods appeals to the liberal crowd, while the Creation Museum appeals to the fundamentalist conservative crowd. The former is the base of the main-stream media, while the latter is the former's target of ridicule and derision. So which enterprise do you think is naturally going to be cast in a better public light by most media reporting?

Submission + - http://news.cnet.com/8301-17852_3-10213767-71.html

dtribble writes: "The cell phone of a 16-year old kid spontaneously dialed 9-11 minutes after he stole a stereo out of a car. Police listened to him brag to his friends about the heist, then triangulated his location. They arrived to find him with the stolen goods still in his hands. The question is, what caused his cell phone to dial 9-11? Does the device come with a conscience?"
The Internet

The Internet Meme Timeline 235

CNet pointed out a great use of timeline creation site "Dipity" that has resulted a timeline of internet fads and memes. While there are some subtle inaccuracies and a few notable omissions, it seems to have touched on most of the big stuff. Everything from GOTO being considered harmful to "the website is down," it's a great trip down memory lane if you don't mind a few speedbumps like the goatse guy.

Submission + - Load Win32 clipboard from command line?

dtribble writes: "Is there s simple way to load the copy/paste clipboard of Windows from the command line? Or a freeware utility to do this? Something simple, like: mumble "text""

Comment Re:whats the first one? (Score 1) 704


Ag = Silver (periodic table symbol)
\bs = troff sequence for "Bell symbol",
as in "Bell telephone trademark symbol"

Actually, I think it should be \(bss.

Or in C/C++: Ag \as
(which is probably what the original poster meant).

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