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Comment Re:Hmm...cannot find .zip (Score 1) 82

I used the built-in encryption, so guessing the whole phone (it's the Nexus 4 with no external SD.) I can't find anyway to get the files downloaded to the root dir. I tried redirecting the download folder in Firefox to root. I can't seem to find out how to change it on Chrome or Dolphin. I have boots into Recovery mode & then I get the stuff posted above. I'm at work now so I can't hook it up to the computer. I'll mess with it when I get home...worse comes to worse I just do a clean boot.

Comment Re:Er, no, that isn't the story (Score 1) 382

I'm the head of the IT shop at a military unit. When we log on to military networks we all click the "consent to monitoring" banner, so you basically have no privacy rights on .mil networks. I had a civilian manager come to me the other day demanding "web link" logs for 10 different people. She wanted to see if they were doing their jobs or just fucking off. I told her that I would not (and legally could not) provide that to her. I told her she could either get with the NSA for logs or go read a management book to learn how to properly manage her people. She did not like that response, but I think she got the point.

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