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Comment Re:Maybe if they shipped better (Score 2) 276

I'm not sure. They talk big about data analytics, but have you ever noticed how bad their recommendations are? E.g. I just bought a pack of phone screen protectors, and then I started getting emails suggesting I buy other screen protectors. So either their recommendations are terrible or they think their product is terrible. And that doesn't even touch how badly they compare to Netflix's video recommendations!

Comment Re:A first (Score 1) 694

For me (not a big investor, not involved in the private equity deals, etc), Facebook has 0 liquidity. Even low-but-not-zero liquidity matters. E.g. look at spreads on ETFs that have very little liquidity vs ones with lots of liquidity. How do you access the market? Why does it take you 24 hrs to make a trade? I'm not advocating day trading or anything, but that is surprisingly slow.

Comment Re:A first (Score 1) 694

The liquidity doesn't matter for the issuer, it matters for the investor. If it is difficult to sell your investment (say if you want the money for something else, or decide you can invest it more effectively in another company, etc) because of little or no liquidity, then you will be less likely to invest.

Comment Invalid use of the GPL? (Score 2, Insightful) 288

I'm a little concerned about MySQL and the GPL... Here are some thoughts of mine about MySQL AB and the GPL: ql-ab-and-the-gpl/

The link I have there for the MySQL internals doc seems to be invalid... It has moved to here: Server_Protocol#Licensing_Notice

Here is a quote:

Because this is a GPL protocol, any product which uses it to connect to a MySQL server, or to emulate a MySQL server, or to interpose between any client and server which uses the protocol, or for any similar purpose, is also bound by the GPL. Therefore if you use this description to write a program, you must release your program as GPL.
I don't think that's a valid use of copyright, but I'm not a lawyer. Can anyone explain to me how that's a valid use of the GPL?

Submission + - BBC comments on Vista, again

kooky45 writes: Robert Preston, the BBC's business editor, updates his earlier article on Vista with "Dear Bill Gates (again)" "In fact my Vista experience has gone from bad to worse. One of your engineers has informed me that my HP iPAQ PocketPC will never be compatible with Vista, even though the software it runs is Microsoft software. Hey ho. That's an expensive and serviceable bit of kit written off prematurely."

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