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Submission + - Sony Reaches Settlement In PlayStation3 "Other OS" Class Action Lawsuit

Dave Knott writes: After six years of litigation, Sony has reached a settlement with the the plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit relating the Sony's removal of Other OS functionality from its PlayStation3 gaming console. Sony and lawyers representing as many as 10 million console owners reached the deal on Friday. Under the terms of the accord, gamers are eligible to receive $55 if they used Linux on the console. The proposed settlement also provides $9 to each console owner that bought a PS3 based on Sony's claims about "Other OS" functionality. The accord did not say how much it would cost Sony, but the entertainment company is expected to pay out millions.

Comment Re:Xbox One (Score 1) 144

My launch XBO has not had any issues so far and I use it quite a bit. I have about 15 friends with them and only one has had an issue thus far, his was DOA when he bought it.

Starting with with the 360 Slim they started using big heat sinks and fans venting the hot air via slits directly above the CPU/GPU, so heat dissipation hasn't been an issue for quite some time now. I picked up a Slim shortly after they launched and its been fine so far too, the quality jump between it and the original 360 was pretty big, IMO.

Comment The Echofluenza Defense (Score 3, Insightful) 204

Coming in 10 years.

Defense lawyer: "Your honor, the Amazon Echo device did not tell little Johnny right from wrong, teach him respect for human life, henceforth he murdered those 12 people because of Amazon..."

Judge: "I find Johnny not guilty, by reason of Echofluenza... Case dismissed! Siri, what is next on the docket?"

Comment Finally wakey wakey time for Alberta? (Score 4, Interesting) 327

I've lived in Alberta for close to 20 years now and the PC government's failure to attempt (to my knowledge) to diversify the economy has reared its head again in the latest bust cycle in the oil and gas industry. Perhaps something like this report, coupled with the low commodity prices will finally wake up the provincial government that its time to actively support other industries here. BC gives tax credits to TV and film production companies and they had a banner year in 2015. I believe Quebec gives tax breaks to game companies and Ubisoft, for example, has a huge number of employees in Montreal.

I work at a software dev company who has no oil and gas ties or customers, and surprise surprise, we are doing well during the downturn here. There is no guarantee of course but if the governments had spent some time, effort and petro dollars into trying to build and attract new industries here it probably wouldn't be quite as bad now as it is.

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