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Comment Because of the Switch? (Score 5, Interesting) 104

I've seen a few comments online where people have speculated this was a bridge product to bring in some $ until the Switch was released. This does make sense in that the Wii U was a colossal failure from a business perspective (Disclaimer: I own a Wii U) and this helped bring in some holiday season revenue. In typical Nintendo fashion they didn't read the market place correctly and didn't make enough units to satisfy demand. I still have friends that would be buy a NES Classic if they were available.

If they are in fact halting production because of the Switch and it maybe getting virtual console support (which it currently does not have) I think its another big misreading of the market by Nintendo. I can't see a big crossover between buyers of the NES Classic and Switch. Most people aren't going to buy a $300 console to play a few virtual console NES games, but a lot will pay $60 for the Classic. If anything I think the Classic could be a bridge product for people who haven't bought Nintendo games/consoles for a while and get them interested in their products again. Discontinuing the NES Classic seems like yet another blunder by a company who has had a lot of difficulty reading the market.

Comment Re:The Creators update BSODs during installation (Score 1) 103

Thanks for the feedback. I have an RX480 actually and haven't checked what version of drivers I'm running (should be pretty recent), maybe there is an issue with it too. I also have some VPN software installed for connecting to the office, was thinking of uninstalling it and trying again.

One of my BSOD errors was "WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR", which according to Microsoft is hardware related. Unfortunately their "solution" for this error is do a windows update or rollback to a previous version of Windows. Thanks guys, so helpful...

Comment The Creators update BSODs during installation (Score 1) 103

I tried installing a few times over the weekend and get a BSOD during the update process on a pretty modern PC I use for gaming. Getting the Anniversary update working well from a clean install was a painful as well. Pre-anniversary Win 10 worked fine on that PC, so it isn't a hardware issue. Microsoft needs to get their hands dirty and fix the core issues with the OS. Getting Gears of War 4 to install ridiculously difficult, too 5 or so tries to finally get it installed without resetting the download. I'm waiting for an update to nuke the install and download the around 100GB game again...

Needless to say I have selected the "Defer feature updates" checkbox on my work PC, wait for a few patches to smooth out the updating issues.

Comment Re:Zenimax (Score 2) 58

If I recall correctly, he personally wasn't found guilty of anything. It was other execs and Oculus itself. Even if he was found guilty how would that negate the sale iD to Zenimax? This just seems like Zenimax doing the same thing Activision pulled with ex Infinity Ward execs and employees, using their size/lawyers to avoid paying people money they are owed for as long as they can.

Comment Re:User Convenience? (Score 1) 192

People have known about this issue and there has been a recall in place for months. They should not be using these phones anymore, there is no excuse at this point. The safety of others takes precedence over any moron who has not replaced their phone by now. If you have been too lazy/stubborn/dumb to replace your ticking time bomb phone that is on you.

I certainly don't want to be in a hotel, apartment building, at work, on public transit, etc. with some dumbass who has steadfastly refused to return their phone and poses a risk to me and others. Even driving to work some idiot might panic if the phone starts on fire and cause a car accident.

Verizon is knowingly putting people in the vicinity of these phones at risk. This isn't protecting consumer rights, its endangering innocent people. Did their PR people vet this idea with their lawyers? A lawsuit from anyone hurt by one of these phones will far outweigh any good PR gained for this decision.

Comment Re:That rarest of events (Score 3, Insightful) 193

How is this not in the public's best interest? I certainly don't want to be in a hotel, apartment building, at work, on public transit, etc. with some dumbass who has steadfastly refused to return their phone and poses a risk to me and others. Even driving to work some idiot might panic if the phone starts on fire and cause a car accident. This is most definitely in the public's best interest and should've happened sooner, IMHO.

Comment Not with the Libs in power (Score 2) 590

Not with the Liberals in power, Trudeau and Trump are far apart ideologically.

Now if it was the dearly departed Lord Steven Harper was in power I would be much more concerned about this happening. As someone who voted for the Cons in the past but didn't this past election I can't see them getting into power anytime soon, they went off the rails in their last term in office and during the last election. The "barbaric cultural practices" garbage they proposed will haunt them for a long time to come.

Comment Re: Slow news day methinks. (Score 1) 9

This article has no new or interesting technical information whatsoever, it is purely a business story. It should be on a business website, not on Slashdot. If I wanted to see a purely business article, I would go to the appropriate website. If people don't give any feedback, more fluff like this will appear here.

Comment Good solutions already out there (Score 1) 76

My bank has configurable notifications where I can set the dollar level at which an email and/or text is sent to me when a transaction occurs on my bank account card or credit card. Now this might be an issue if I'm traveling and don't have good cell coverage or a cheap roaming plan, but most of the time its fine for what I need.

Comment Goodbye Nexus 6P (Score 4, Funny) 551

"it's the best iPhone we have ever created," Apple CEO Tim Cook said.

Amazing, I think I will now purchase an Apple iPhone 7 device due to this declaration by none other than the CEO of Apple. I was content with my Nexus 6P, but that has all changed now. Thanks slashdot for letting me know about this statement in particular, time for the trip behind the woodshed 6P.

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