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Comment Re:Is the software available to download anywhere? (Score 1) 110

No, as that would make you no better than the hackers over there who do that same sort of thing to American software which is "merely" forced on us by the vagaries of market and culture.

Also, which targets would you knock down? If you attack their commercial or financial infrastructure, you're hurting American companies and citizens as nearly all our electronics and value (aka cheap) goods are made over there. The only useful target would be to attack government sites and somehow blame it on their native hackers. Might actually get them to finally crack down on those bastards.

Comment Re:Evil google (Score 1) 134

Actually, this sort of behavior is normal for all competitive species. Each individual tries to claw their way to the top (i.e. get the best hunting territory, have the most ho's, etc.), and stay there for as long as possible.

That's the pattern for every revolution: the disestablishment types do anything and everything to remove the current regime from power. Then once they're in power they try to keep people from using the same tactics/tricks that the revolutionaries used. We see this in business so much because business is a neverending revolution.

Comment Re:Faulty Reasoning (Score 1) 258

hmm, I think you misunderstood the sentence there. The author was suggesting that the general user population be polled for their opinion, NOT the accused. Who really cares what an accused person thinks about the crime (or circumstances thereof) they're accused of?

Secondly, your example is wildly unrealistic as it ignores the whole "innocent until proven guilty" thing. I know canada's a bit different than here (as redelmd pointed out), but I'm pretty sure they subscribe to THIS judicial standard.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 435

Seriously, who the hell takes the time to read these things every time they're presented with one?

Ah, such innocence. You must have a lot of faith in the developers if you don't think they'll try to screw you over with the eula and ToS.

Don't you ever read the news? Did you somehow miss the recent controversy over google's privacy policies?

Comment Re:Depends on how "entitled" you are (Score 1) 591

To be fair, if you're living on a budget that tight, network TV is probably the only sort of entertainment you can afford. So, losing that is a major blow.

Also, griping about the changeover to digital broadcast is far easier than finding (and getting) a better paying job, especially with the economy the way it is.

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