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Microsoft Wins WordPerfect Antitrust Battle With Novell 124

New submitter Psychotic_Wrath writes "After a long, drawn-out legal battle and a hung jury, a federal judge has dismissed Novell's antitrust case against Microsoft. The case involved allegations from Novell that Microsoft removed code from its Windows 95 operating system which created the need for further development to WordPerfect. Novell says this delayed the release of their product, giving Microsoft Word an unfair advantage. Groklaw has a detailed write-up on the decision."

Comment Re:Hardware (Score 5, Interesting) 311

You know, your post made me wonder if that's perhaps part of the reason they made the purchase.

Google support sucks, because Google doesn't _have_ a support organization -- and they don't know how to build one, either; it's not something that lends itself to the sort of algorithmical scaling that's their strength.

MMI, on the other hand, presumably has a support organization that Google can leverage to build a support organization for their other products that need them. They might consider that valuable.

Comment Re:Memory problem? (Score 1) 375

That sounds about right, for the first week or so, if you only have 10 tabs open. Try 25-30 tabs, for a month, and it's much larger, especially if you've visted a few poorly-designed webpages. (Though to be fair, I find that poorly designed webpages have obvious markers, like one I recently timed at seventeen seconds(!) before I could scroll down... and if I leave it open in a tab, eventually crashes the browser (although that takes a couple of days)).

Comment Re:The concept of OpenID doesn't seem very secure (Score 2) 45

OpenID allows you to keep your password AWAY from various sites.

I think you mean 'OpenID allows you to train users to be vulnerable to phishing attacks'. 'Never type your password into a page unless you went directly to the site' is good advice; 'Never type your password into a page unless you went directly to the site or the site that sent you there claims to be using OpenID' is not.

Comment Obvious problem.... (Score 4, Interesting) 278

Hmm. Seems to me their biggest problem is that they allowed clients with a known bug to become supernodes; if 50% of the network had upgraded, they should only have been creating supernodes from the upgraded clients.

And in hindsight (I don't know that they should be blamed for not considering this before), the number of supernodes should probably be ~100-150% more than needed to service expected load. That way, if a third of them die, they _still_ have more than needed to handle the expected load. (And thus, hopefully, more than needed to handle the excessive load without causing them to shut down).

Comment Re:Solving the wrong problem (Score 1) 346

I realize that the compressing process isn't that hard, but you aren't going to build a car that can run on both gasoline *and* CNG. If for no other reason than because the CNG tank is pressurized while the gasoline tank isn't. It's probably not as bad for mixing as ethanol (at least before they upgraded the gaskets, etc), but it probably still requires some rebuilding. I've never seen a car that said "feed me CNG, petrol, or diesel", so I suspect you are oversimplifying it a bit.

Maybe you haven't, but I have. Well, LPG, but I'm not aware of any reason it wouldn't work with CNG. I remember the propane tank in the back of my dad's truck when I was younger, and the knob under the dash to switch from gasoline to LPG....

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