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Submission + - Meet Ray Robson, America's youngest grandmaster (

dspkable writes: In October, two weeks before his 15th birthday, Ray Robson of Clearwater became the youngest chess grandmaster in the country, stomping a record once held by Bobby Fischer. The World Chess Federation says Robson, whose father teaches at SPC, is playing the best chess of his life and is 15th best among all players nationwide.

Submission + - Hey, I was watchign that!

dspkable writes: We’ve all experienced a TV show getting canceled that was starting to draw us in, but didn’t have the ratings to support it on the “Big 3” networks (4 if you count Fox.) Whether you were into Family Guy before everyone one else was ROFL about it, or begging your friends to watch ‘Better Off Ted’ like I am. “Save your Show” websites that probably do little or to no good melting a TV executives heart. So in this age of social media, how do you keep your show from being canceled or raising its ratings. Shouldn’t there a be a place where good niche shows can go to live on and gain a following. Maybe, a place called the internet?
Red Hat Software

Submission + - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 Changes Focus To KVM (

dspkable writes: ""Red Hat announced Wednesday the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4, a new major point update of the company's popular commercial Linux distribution. This version introduces official support for KVM and marks an important milestone in Red Hat's gradual transition away from Xen. Over the past few years, Red Hat's allegiances have shifted towards KVM for reasons that are likely both technical and political. XenSource, the company behind Xen, was acquired by Citrix in late 2007. The close ties between Citrix and Microsoft could potentially have created some challenges for Red Hat."

Sorry For the Detainment, Here's a Laptop 218

A select group of 17 Uighur Muslims held in Guantánamo, and waiting for a nation to grant them asylum are getting laptops and web training from the US military. Their web training will take place in a virtual computer lab the military has set up. The lessons will be limited to DVD language training as well as a basic users skill — set to help in any future employment options. Nury Turkel, an Uighur rights activist, said the training would help the men "be reintroduced into a modern society," adding that it "also would give hope to the men that their freedom is nearing." This special group already gets to order fast food and use a phone booth for weekly calls. I think the government is on to something here. Nothing keeps a man pacified like an occasional phone call, a cheeseburger, and surfing for a little porn.

Comment Google Beta (Score 5, Insightful) 180

I believe more people probably know what Google means then they know what Beta means. Google has become the biggest of the BIG companies (without imploding or needing government bailout). 8 to 1 searchers use Google over Microsoft Search Engine, so what Google's 'beta' is, is really what the industry standard has become.

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