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Comment MSFT slipping into irrelevancy (Score 2) 343

No one I know wants Windows 8. No one I know is even talking about it. I don't want Windows 8. I don't want Windows RT. I don't care about Microsoft products anymore. No one I know does. The last time I paid for an MS product was a promotional copy of Windows 7 Ultimate for $30 from one of their retail partners I worked at. I got a copy of Office 2007 from my University for $10. I will never purchase another MS product at full price. The only way they could get me to upgrade is by knocking 90% off the retail price.

I have decided to stop giving them my money, and I've switched almost entirely to Apple. I'd much rather use Mac or Linux, since nowadays there is more support than ever for comparable programs to run on those platforms.

MSFT will slowly fade into obscurity. Consumers, and even businesses, don't care about them anymore. The only people who will buy their products are big businesses, OEMs and college students who can already get the software for 90% off. And heck I don't even know any big businesses who have upgraded their systems from Windows XP. I know a small handful who have gone to Windows 7.

Comment "Defective" vs "Damaged" (Score 2) 503

I worked at BBY for awhile and it was apparent which customers purchased "defective" merchandise versus something they damaged or improperly installed and broke themselves. The amount of defective merchandise sold was very small in comparison to items that the customer either couldn't figure out how to use or they damaged in the process of trying to install.

Scanning drivers licenses is one thing that will help reduce the fraud or identify which customers are the loss leaders, and with their huge $1.7 billion quarterly losses they need to do everything in their power to stay afloat.

Comment More like 25% (Score 1) 513

What?! 70%? By lately do you mean 10 years ago??

A couple years ago Best Buy stripped out their movies and music selection in favor of more floorspace to sell cell phones and TVs and expand the gaming section.

If anything it's more like maybe 25% floor space is taken up by media and games. And that's pushing it.

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