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Comment Not gender education but technology education (Score 1) 599

It is generally recognized that girls are generally ahead of boys on language and social studies. This is natural. If creating language schools for boys is a solution, it should have been there years ago.

What I see is that technology and STEM educations in lower grades are boring. Girls are already advanced so much and they do not like those boring stuff.

Personally, I am convinced that software programming skill can be taught effectively in elementary school with proper curriculum. In addition, it is really necessary for anyone to go through universities to become a good coder.

Comment STEM degree =/= STEM job qualification (Score 2) 284

I have to say that STEM education in US is not good enough. For instance, kids start to use calculators too early. Using calculator is a great way to simplify many computation tasks. However, it deprives kids the opportunities to THINK and ESTIMATE. Both are crucial for STEM jobs.

In universities, I have encountered engineering students who did not know what they should really know. Well, they eventually got their degrees. In my opinion, it is much better off for them to pursue jobs in areas other than STEM.

Submission + - 356 MPG - Winner of 2013 Prius Plug-in MPG Challenge

dslmodem writes: I did not see this on Slashdot. So, ...

In late May, Toyota launched 2013 Prius Plug-in MPG Challenge. "To qualify for the challenge, participants must drive at least 500 miles during the 30-day period and at least 75 miles each week. At the end of each 30-day period, judges will examine the Prius trip computer to see who achieved the highest MPG in each wave."

It turned out the winner achieved 356MPG.

Comment When and where matters.... (Score 1) 1078

While many fellow /.ers enjoy debating race, gun, IED, I would like to stress a couple of facts:

1) Can someone bring guns to school and practice shooting?

Even it is a scientific experiment, there must be certain conditions to limit the scope / location / time that the experiment should be performed.

2) BB Gun accident happened in their home.

Their mom was preparing food.

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