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Comment Re: The popularity of open offices has exacerbated (Score 1) 200

I've worked in all three common styles: office, open and cube. I'd take a cubicle over the open plan any day of the week. I'd LOVE a cubicle. I had plenty of personal desk space, a place to put my things and hang my coat, and just enough privacy to get work done if I needed to concentrate. Cubicles are amazing.

Offices are better, no doubt. They're everything a cubicle is and more. But the open floor plan is so fucking bad that cubicles seem like luxury by comparison. Given that there are realistically only two optionsâ"virtually no company is going to build offices for everyoneâ"you bet that cubicles are "popular". The open plan is a blight; the only people that like it are penny pinchers and people that think that constant interruptions are the same thing as collaboration.

Submission + - Apple removes ESC key new Macbook "Pro" ( 2

fyngyrz writes: The Mac "Pro's" ESC key, used by many at the console / shell level, has apparently succumbed to overwhelming... courage. Er, design intent. Yeah, that's it. You have to admit, Apple is brave. No console-friendly person will be happy with this. I suspect that will be true to a degree where they'll be happy with... something other than a Macbook "Pro." BTW, those aren't "scare" quotes. Those are "no, wrong word" quotes. I could have gone with "pro[sic]", but... oy. Oh. And hey. You didn't want function keys, did you? Of course not... Okay, one hopes these missing features will at least sometimes, possibly, appear on the new touch bar, there to blunt the ends of your fingers as they use a key-striking habit to stomp on a touch surface.

Comment Re:I say BS (Score 1) 169

If you don't want to be homeless, build a house.

Homeless generally means both "not a landowner" and "has no money" which prevents the former even if they wanted to go there.

If you don't want to be hungry, go fishing.

Buy a license, buy a pole, collect bait somehow, weather considerations, legal locations, seasons, specific game fish, prepping, finding wood to cook with...

If you want to survive, get your ass moving instead of wasting the day pseudo-intellectualizing or lamenting about the unfairness of nature that has always existed since the beginning of time when it blew the first human village up with a volcano and the laws of the universe didn't even blink, let alone give a shit.

No, the universe doesn't, for sure. But people who are worth a shit, do give a shit.

WRT "get moving", to quote a fine summary of just one aspect of the problem, "I'm pretty sure McDonald's has an underwear inside the pants policy" (Source here at 3:31 but by all means, check out the whole performance, it's pretty much spot on from beginning to end.)

Comment Re:Showmanship (Howard Stern, Lady Gaga) vs sociop (Score 1) 149

The problem with your attempt to define Hillary as a psychopath / sociopath (both deprecated terms, they're not long enough) is context. In the setting of politics, media and business those traits are actually highly functional. That's how you get ahead in those fields. Then you run into the Peter Principle but that is another problem.

You missed the preamble to the personality disorders. They are spectrums and they can only be really defined as a disorder when they cause harm. As far as politicians are concerns both Hillary and Donald are at the top of their respective fields. For the rest of us, not so much.

Hillary is certainly sociopathic as it relates to the vast majority of humans - but that's why she is where she is. Donald is most assuredly a narcissist and again, it's gotten him to the Republican candidate for the President of the United States, something hundreds if not thousands of other people are actively aspiring to. The line between all of the personality disorders is a pretty soft one, there is often a lot of overlap.

It is an unfortunate part of the structure of human nature, but that's how we roll. We're not Vulcans. Which version of crazy to you want running the country?

Comment Re:Resonating with Americans (Score 1) 181

Other that during World Wars, when has a majority of the population thought 'we're going in the right direction'? The 1800's when we were moving west, finishing off destroying the rest of the indigenous flora and fauna (including humans) that European settlers started in the 1500's? Perhaps the Native Americans and the African slaves might venture to disagree if anybody bothered to poll them.

How about post WWII and the wonderful burst of economic growth that comes after destroying a quarter of the planet? If you were black, poor white trash or pretty much anybody in the South you might take exception to the idea that the country was doing wonderful things. If you were white, lower middle class and / or a veteran, you had a 25 year burst of economic Good Times. That bubble got popped a while back.

If you were of the moneyed class at any time you did OK. Amazing how that seems to happen.

So don't go so much on 'polling' data. That is a fairly new, fairly narrow view of how the country is doing. Of course, trying to come up with a better way to figure out which direction we should be going is pretty much of a fool's errand. There are so many different aspects to life in this country (or any other) that the simplistic rose colored glasses / Red, White and Blue / USA! USA! metrics are perfectly useless.

Unless, of course, you are Donald who sees a giant group of disaffected people who are just waiting for some demagogue to lead them out of the swamp. His campaign has rolled on two correct assumptions. First, there IS a fairly homogeneous and large demographic that feels downtrodden and upset. Perfect fodder for his cannon. Second, the Republicans have, yet again, failed to create a candidate that isn't a complete cartoon. And they failed worse than the last two times which is pretty impressive. And sad.

With all of that said, all the Dems could do is pick Hillary. I understand it completely, she'll make a fine statist president and Murphy's Law (along with the laws of thermodynamics) will continue to be the driving forces in the Universe.

Murphy was an optimist.

Comment Re: The three debates (Score 1) 181

My assessment is that clinton will smoothly lead the whole world into world war 3, if all her posturing towards Russia is to be believed.

Right. The planet is sitting on a powder keg with a couple of smoldering fuses. So, who is going to try to lead the country with the majority of powder, fuses and cannon? A corrupt politico with deep ties to every other corrupt politico on earth or some insane narcissist who cares not a whit about anybody else?

It would be an easy decision if you could figure out which one was which.

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