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Comment Re:Riiiiiight (Score 4, Funny) 481

Oh come on, you obviously don't understand anything about proper conspiracy theory analysis. Obviously no further investigation was done because it was covered up. That fact alone (no further investigation) absolutely proves without a shadow of a doubt that the report was true and that aliens were found, taken to be autopsied, and that the autopsy findings were ultimately linked directly to the Kennedy assassination. Boy oh boy oh boy oh boy... what's become of the Slashdot commenters these days...

Comment Re:That's not really the issue here. (Score 1) 705

Mod parent up -- You're exactly right. I had a mandatory typing class as a Freshman in High School in the 70s (agree is was the most useful physical skill learned in HS). At this point, "keyboarding" should be a mandatory class in lower schools. I'm sure most kids in high school are more than familiar with "texting" on a phone number pad, so hopefully they have some skill on a real keyboard. Even if a replacement for keyboards comes along eventually (as has been predicted for years) I'm sure people will still by typing on various systems for years to come.

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