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Comment Bullshit (Score 1) 129

Whatever they thing they have created, according to interpretation of their instruments, which uses statistics and probability, is not time. Time is a derived characteristic of an observed process and does not exist as an independent phenomena. Whatever they have convinced themselves it is, it is not time.

Comment I am too dumb to get it (Score 1) 723

How does a tiny random sampled "experiment" could tell anything at all about what would happen when a majority, leave alone whole population will start to receive free money? These are completely different dynamics. This sample group has no impact on the economy at all, while there will be inflationary impact when majority kicks in. Hipster's statistics-based "science". They even call it "experiment".

Comment 8x8 (Score 1) 146

> 8x8 pixel images which it then turned into some pretty clear photos where you can actually tell facial features apart. This is bullshit. It is mathematically impossible to compensate such loss of information. They might use other images to reconstruct original form a pattern, but this, obviously, has nothing to do with reality if the other images used as sources of details have not been made at the same moment.

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