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Media (Apple)

Submission + - JPMorgan Retracts Earlier Claim of iPhone Nano (

An anonymous reader writes: JPMorgan Chase has retracted its research report from yesterday that discussed the possibility of Apple releasing iPhone Nano in the near-term. Now, the new research from JPMorgan, states that the claims were unsubstantiated and that consumers shouldn't expect the iPhone Nano anytime soon, confirms. The story confirms, "The initial research comes from JPMorgan Chase, and it's interesting to note the contradicting nature of the source. While JPMorgan Chase's initial report came from its Taiwanese Analyst Kevin Chang, who cited anonymous sources in the retail channel and patent filings, later today, the research firm's New York Analysts Elizabeth Borbolla, Bill Shope and Vlad Rom issued another report that claimed that they don't expect Apple to launch the iPhone Nano anytime soon. So, now that the initial hoopla of research is out of the way, let's be a bit more practical and think through this.
Input Devices

Submission + - Future of Keyboards and Mice: Touchscreen (

OSW writes: " takes a look at Microsoft's Surface again and concludes that the future of keyboards and mice is touchscreen. Brandon Watts writes, "In a previous article, I had mixed feelings about the new Microsoft Surface project, as it was really difficult to understand where the market for such a thing would be. Then I watched some new footage on DL.TV and I will admit, even as a Linux guy, that I was blown away. Consider for a moment, if Microsoft is able to get this technology down to the home user for the cost of today's home PCs. I'm not saying that keyboards and mice would become a thing of the past, but I could see them evolving into virtual devices to better suit Surface-like advancements. Remember those old virtual keyboards that were once available for the Palm Pilots? Imagine something like this as your future keyboard... it could happen."
GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - Head of FSF, Stallman talks at CERN

perturbed1 writes: The founder of the FSF which just released GPLv3, Richard M. Stallman, gave a talk at CERN a few weeks ago where he talked about the ethics and practice of free software. A video of his talk is now available in the free ogg format through this site. After explaining the motivation and ethics of free software, RMS went into the history of GNU/Linux (around minute 49 in the video), insisting that GNU be included in the name of the distribution to give credit to the free software developers who do not work on the kernel and to avoid confusion. "This confusion led people to think that the whole system was Mr. Torvalds' work and [...] think that the whole system came from his vision of the world." What was surprising was the ensuing was a rather strong criticism of Linus Torvalds, the main developer of the kernel. Starting at the 57th minute:

"Torvalds does not support the ideas of freedom that I have been telling you about. He never did. [...] He calls himself apolitical which refers to the political position that we should make important political decisions according to short term practical convenience. He says he values powerful reliable software and that's all. He is against the idea that all users should have freedom and he has demonstrated this by conspicuous involvement with non-free software. [...] What I object to is that people think that our work was done by him and when our work serves as the platform for him to state his views and to drown us out. [...] So please call the system GNU/Linux or GNU+Linux. [...] But, there is something more important at stake and that's called freedom. There are people who would like to take away your freedom. The only way to keep your freedom is if you are prepared to defend it. " (Listen on for more... )

Who knows? Maybe /. will lead the way by renaming the "Linux" section, the "GNU/Linux" section?


Submission + - The Galaxies Need You Now ! (

hansley writes: "We need the help of all slashdotters to scour the galaxies and name them in the name of 'man'. well sort of..anyway, we need your help to test couple of theories on how galaxies evolved and how to classify them (the exciting bit)."

Submission + - Will the BBC chose DRM over 25% of its users?

Placid writes: "When I stumbled across a Linux Journal post regarding the BBC and its on-demand video format choice, it got me thinking, and indeed grinding. As a non-Windows user (Debian GNU/Linux by choice — Mac users are affected too however) and a keen fan and user of the BBC and its services, why am I being ignored by the great institution that is the BBC? What was my immediate Web 2.0 response to my frustration? I blogged about it.
What are your opinions on this matter? Will you use BBC on-demand services, what's more — will the choice of format (namely Windows Media with DRM) sway your decision? Do you think the BBC will lose its well-earned respect from the IT community?"

New State of Matter Boosts Quantum Computation 41

Matthew Sparkes writes "In theory, quantum computers can be superior to classical computers for some kinds of problems; in practice their building blocks, qubits, are extremely fragile. Even a slight knock can destroy information. A radical solution to this problem was proposed in the 80's — instead of storing qubits in properties of particles, such as an electron's spin, it was suggested that qubits could be encoded into properties shared by the whole material, and so would be harder to disrupt. Unfortunately, no material with the needed properties existed. Scientists now think they have made a material in the lab, thought to be an example of a new state of matter, that might do the trick. It's an ultra-purified form of a mineral, herbertsmithite, first discovered in Chile in 1972. Its electrons are arranged in a triangular lattice. Researchers say it could become the silicon of the quantum computing era."

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