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Submission + - SPAM: LimeSDR - high performance, low cost SDR

drwho writes: First there was the Ettus USRP, then HackRF and BladeRF. LimeSDR is the next generation. I've put off an upgrade from the RTL-SDRs because of the limited frequency range and bandwidth, but the LimeSDR covers 100 khz to 3.8 ghz, with 2 receivers and two transmitters, 12 bit sample depth, and delivers it over USB 3.0 for $249. The only drawback is, there's only four days left to order, and units won't be shipped until November. NB: I have no connection to this project other than having ordered a unit.
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Comment Root cause analysis? (Score 3, Insightful) 101

I'd like to see a more thorough investigation of this set of incidents. That means no one involved gets to skip out by Seppuku. One of the problems with having a number of backup systems is that people tend to think "well, if it breaks, there's a backup system" - not realizing that each time a backup system is added, complexity is added, and that overall reliability goes down, instead of up. I don't know if over-reliance of backup systems, and failure to manage complexity, was the cause here, but it's the only thing other than "bad luck" or "sabotage" that can explain this disaster from a country which has many talented engineers.

Comment Technical details,please (Score 1) 205

I'd like to know what programming languages, operating systems, development methodologies, quality assurance, etc. are being used. COTS software is usually not designed to be used in the critical operations which NASA performs. Lots of software even says that it is not for such things in the license agreement.

We have to keep the typical moron programmer far away from NASA projects. It is customary for programmers to criticize MBAs and other managers for having no coding knowledge. Well, too often coders have to deep computer science or systems integration knowledge, and can't manage a project which has more than three people working on it.

Comment license prevents drone use (Score 2) 130

look in the 'about' page, in the 'export compliance' section: "(c) for use in connection with the design, development or production of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons, or rocket systems, space launch vehicles, or sounding rockets, or unmanned air vehicle systems."

More reason to develop software ex-US, so crazy export compliance doesn't hobble you.

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Journal Journal: pluripus porpoise denver shoals

inverted cathedral...and the ambulance died in his arms...snowflight daggermond itching bravely. Tonight augmented.

Comment Re: Experimental engines (Score 1) 70

I guess I should have learned by now, that the level of physics knowledge of Slashdot users ends at Newton, and they have unshakable faith in him. Ultraviolet Catastrophe is probably an alien term to many of them. But yet somehow they buy into the ideas of "dark matter" and "dark energy". I really don't have the patience or time to squabble on here. If anyone has a serious interest in this, and can plough through tons of posts by actual physicists on the matter, I will direct them to the forums, and the website.

I am posting to Delt0r's comment, because it's one of those which is not anonymous, but I mean this to cover all of the putdowns I have received.

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