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Comment Plenty of Fun (Score 2) 234

As a family man, finding a topic that can involve the kids may fit into your life better. If you like making, optical telescopes can be rewarding. There's the optics, telescope manufacturing and sky trackers (robotics). Nowadays digital photography goes with telescopes.

If you really want to contribute peripherally, there are lots of open data sets. Contributing code is especially useful.

Comment A summer of other than lab work (Score 1) 228

Build something with your hands. Travel. Trek. Try something you've never done before. Do something out of doors.

I didn't, I wish I had.

P.S. Graduate as soon as possible. You don't get more points for doing more work as a graduate student. Your post-doc record is way more important if you are trying for the academic track.

Comment Re:You know your space program has a long way to g (Score 1) 40

In span of time between missions, there is usually incredible progress in a few key parameters, detector noise, spacial resolution, and frequency range. While you can argue that a "refueled" IRAS could beat down the noise by observing for years and years, changing out detectors and telescopes is effectively launching a new mission. Also, as our knowledge of astrophysics grows, we design missions to answer the unanswered questions. 10 years of IRAS is not necessarily as interesting as a couple of years of a significantly more advanced mission.

Comment It does exist (Score 1) 561

It's a product called "Kidzui". It consists of a bunch of whitelisted sites, videos and other content whitelisted by parents and teachers.

By paying for a service you can avoid it being brought to you by Fruity Pebbles, which is what "Google Kids" would be.

Comment Trust vs. Faith (Score 1) 1486

Trust and faith or belief are not the same thing. I can trust people but still verify or need to verify the veracity of their assertions. Scientists rely on the network of trust among themselves but if something doesn't work they will call each other out on it. With faith, there is no need to verify. In fact, with faith I don't need trust because I'm not relying on the words of a man but my belief in the divine. This is different from following a demagogue, which is not faith but obedience.


Submission + - Does Facebook Violate RFC2142? ( 2

nuckfuts writes: "An e-mail sent to resulted in an automated response saying:

Unfortunately, the email address you are using to reach us is no longer available. In order to best assist you, we have provided avenues of support for specific issues that are located in our Help Center. Please follow the link that best suits your problem.

All the provided links require logging in to Facebook. Since I don't have a Facebook account, it appears I cannot report abuse. Is this not a violation of RFC2142 ?"

Submission + - Full bladder improves decision making (

anymouse writes: "What should you do when you really, REALLY have to "go"? Make important life decisions, maybe. Controlling your bladder makes you better at controlling yourself when making decisions about your future, too, according to a study to be published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science."

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