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Comment My vision of Cyber War (Score 1) 123

emacs -batch -l CYBERWAR #You have joined WAR WITH CHIRAN >Attack Router You find yourself in a very cold room with lots of wires there is an Ogar guarding the door >Attack Servers You begin to attack servers, and notice a Firwall intrusion alert. As you try to block it, you are logged out of the remote host. You are dead. You have scored 0 out of a possible 90 points.

Comment Havn't you watched War Games? (Score 0) 536

The Feds love *NiX "The architecture has been subsequently mainstreamed into Linux and ported to several other systems, including the Solaris operating system, the FreeBSD® operating system, and the Darwin kernel, spawning a wide range of related work"

Comment What's next attacks on BBS(s) (Score 0) 410

I suppose Microsoft's security isn't all that bad, if they have to go after all the legacy stuff. Oh shit! the fax is down and so is the BBS....WHAT! our payphone and pagers are down too! I'm not getting tone on my 14.4 shotgun modem!!! We're going to sink! Hold on let me boot up the workstations! Load "*" 8,1

Comment Colorado Space Systems (Score 0) 80

I wouldn't doubt people are reporting allot of UFOs seeing that Air Force Space Command, Norad, CIA(new), and Lockhead Space Systems are all out of that area. There might be some neat things test flying here and there under the cover of night. Not aliens but perhaps some cool looking Lockhead "stuff".

Comment Sales are down martial law time (Score 0) 433

If the industry spent half the money they spend on harrassing its customers on content they wouldn't have an issue. I do not see how threatening customers, throwing them in jail, sueing them and putting them under survilence is going to make them money or win them any fans. This hits close to home because my friend and I saw Watchman out of town and the theatre was really ghetto so he filmed the movie theatre and made some comments before the movie or even the previews started then put away his camera and before we knew it we were being escorted by police officers out of the theatre and threatened with Felony charges WTF....

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