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Comment Master & Archimedes models next please (Score 3, Interesting) 101

Loving my Model B Pi, but can't help thinking that there's a niche wanting filled for systems that can actually function as a near normal desktop. Something with more grunt, more RAM etc. My phone is a quad core ARM CPU, why not a system a little larger than the Pi for the older audience who remember the Model B, Master & Archimedes the first time round. We have the cashflow and desire to use.
(just don't make an Electron version - even if it has Plus 1 and Plus 3 expansion modules like I had back in the day!)


Comment Re:Archimedes (Score 1) 208

My mate had one of those Archimedes - red function keys if I remember?

I still had an Acorn Electron - but I had the Plus-3 disk drive and Plus-1 cartridge interface. Rendering the initial Mandelbrot set took me 8.5 hours. His machine then managed it in 15 seconds. Man was I gutted.

Comment Re:similarity to Libya? (Score 0) 400

Who are you and what have you done with "Anonymous Coward"? Even AC's normal comments, miserably low on thought process and deliberately provoking aren't a patch on this steaming pile of manure.

Are you just visiting this planet? If so, please take everything you've learned so far and delete it. If not, please take everything you've learned so far in life and delete it. You need to start education again from scratch. Try and listen this time round.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 5, Informative) 294

Fracking is just another tool in the arsenal of getting hydrocarbons from the ground. Doing it too close to underground wells, on the other hand, is a completely different matter. I would suggest that these cases come down to negligence on the part of the individual drilling company rather than an systematic failure of the process as a whole.

Comment Nuclear? (Score 1) 244

Perhaps we ought to invest in some nuclear power stations before all that resource gets used up. Don't quote any Fukushima nonsense to me - that event has been handled really well by the team there and the overall result is that the most exposure to radiation of ANYBODY in Japan has been roughly the same as mild sunburn.

Nuclear needs to deal with the disposal issue, but we really need it to provide the firmest baseline for any energy policy.

The SNP response? Let's build a 200mile corridor of the biggest pylons in the UK right through the highlands. Quality idea - devoid of nearly any rational thinking.

Comment Re:British and Oysters (Score 1) 244

Your figures are embarrassingly one eyed. The commonly held belief in Scotland regarding "ALL OUR OIL AND GAS REVENUE" is so incredibly short sighted. I've worked for several oil companies and I come from Aberdeen. The oil and gas revenue does NOT make Scotland in surplus, nor is it all Scotland's.

The politics of the SNP government in Edinburgh have been distinct for quite some time. Not a peep comes from Alex Salmond's lips without some underhand comment about Westminster being to blame or holding us back. The task in the UK is to balance the budget. Scotland as an independent nation would never have been able to bale out the banks - regardless of what ideas you peddle as the "truth".

The financial "shit" in Scotland can easily be traced back to our two big banks fighting it out to take over NatWest. From that point on, financial controls at both banks started to slip and were never checked back to reality. The result is plain for all to see. Wasn't helped by the Chancellor Gordon Brown loosening the controls on the banks on a near yearly basis. Our two big banks took a path of richness that ended up in the financial mess we are all in. They weren't alone, but to try and pin the financial crisis on England is simply ridiculous.

We are stronger as a whole. I'm British, Scottish and Aberdonian. Don't bother questioning my loyalty to any of those. But perhaps because I live and work outside Scotland gives me a broader outlook. Every country has a favourite target to hit. England just can't get over Germany or Argentina being an enemy at football. As a nation, we seem to pick England as the enemy for anything we choose.

Sad really.

Comment Re:Better to focus on the big fish (Score 2) 190

Correction. None of the Lords get in by birthright. There are 88 hereditary peers currently from the total of 789 members of the House of Lords. Of the 88 hereditary peers, 15 are elected by the whole house (700 of whom are not hereditary remember). The rest are allocated to political parties to match the ratios of non-hereditary peers.

So - a pretty piss poor description of the House of Lords from you.

It also doesn't take much investigation (or even reading of the newspapers) to find that tax evasion is something that happens across the spectrum of political affiliation. When HMRC call it tax avoidance, it becomes legal. Evasion is illegal, avoidance is legal. That's the terminology used.

Complain all you like about whether one person falls in the evasion or the avoidance pile. Complain all you like about the rules. They do, however, apply to all of us in the UK.


Comment Re:Hierarchical File System? (Score 1) 198

Oh - and inline de-dupe. Much discussion on it in some lists, but it's a killer feature that would be of huge benefit in the right place.

Argue all you like where that right place is, but an admin ought to have the right to use a tool such as dedupe where they like - even if that may not be your ideal use for dedupe.

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