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Comment A couple things to suggest (Score 1) 303

As the Sys-Admin for a relatively large e-commerce provider we have had our share of DDoS attacks. The first thing, is don't negotiate. Cut your losses and take the site down for a bit if you need to, regroup.

After that... switch your site to Cloudflare or a similar service.

After that... investigate if you want to continue using Rackspace for services. I suggest contacting me directly if you have questions, but suffice it to say we moved away from Rackspace because they and their data-center kept getting VERY large profile DDoS attacks which we were sometimes affected by even if we weren't directly targeted. We have had several months of service that they ended up paying for, for instance. Essentially Rackspace recently (at least their colo stuff) has not been providing 'superior' services.

Comment Verisign Wins? (Score 1) 483

I'm assuming they're adding the Verisign DDoS protection service, but this change should make EVERY single Godaddy client very, very, very nervous (from the current whois):

            Domain Name: GODADDY.COM
            Registrar: GODADDY.COM, LLC
            Whois Server:
            Referral URL:
            Name Server: A1.VERISIGNDNS.COM
            Name Server: A2.VERISIGNDNS.COM
            Name Server: A3.VERISIGNDNS.COM
            Status: clientDeleteProhibited
            Status: clientRenewProhibited
            Status: clientTransferProhibited
            Status: clientUpdateProhibited
            Updated Date: 10-sep-2012
            Creation Date: 02-mar-1999
            Expiration Date: 01-nov-2021

Yes, you read that right... they just implemented verisign name-servers. A multi-multi million (billion?) dollar company.

And in case anyone doesn't believe this:

> server
Default server:
Default server:
Address: 2001:500:7967::2:33#53


Comment How does this affect me? (Score 1) 29

Soooo... I have been following the cloudstack project for a bit and was planning on deploying it to use for a 'hybrid cloud' solution (although I wish the cloudbridge part worked with more than EC2 compatible systems). Does this, or should this, change anything? Or , I guess, getting off-topic... should I even be using cloudstack?

Comment Maybe this time... (Score 1) 79

They won't use a crappy game network like Gamespy so, you know, I'll actually be able to play it online. I literally never got multiplayer working behind a firewall and I was FAR from the only person with this issue. As well, this was the only game I have ever had a problem playing online...

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