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Submission + - Oracle acquires K-splice for an undisclosed amount (oracle.com)

drspliff writes: Oracle today announced it's completed the acquisition of K-Splice, dropping support for Redhat, CentOS & SuSE and closing doors to new customers.
Unless of course you want to become a Oracle Linux Premier Support subscriber, then it comes as standard.

Comment Re:Like ActiveX? (Score 4, Informative) 332

The Java sandbox was at the interpreter level and did not provide protection at the OS level. The google native client stuff sandboxes it at the OS level and only allows for communication via RPC calls to the parent app (e.g. drawing on a canvas), much like the seccomp approach for Linux which is a true sandbox

Comment Re:Likely more prevalent an issue than we realize. (Score 1) 221

It's more like sending them to the shop with the grocery money and a shopping list. There may be some unnecessary items on the list, but the rest are needed to keep the family going for the week; they know what some absolute essentials are, with the rest goes on a mix of personal interest and things which they like but can't make themselves.

When they return you get toilet paper, a $40 beef roast and an assortment of candies, with some more oversight they could've returned with something which more closely resembles your shopping list.

Comment Re:What is the point? (Score 2, Informative) 799

Lets just ignore that she's 89 years old and would've died soon, probably in the same way too as falling over is quite a common occurrence; only this time they have a finger to point for hospital fees, if it weren't the child it'd be the owner of a mall or the maker of her shoes etc.

So as far as my argument of socialized health care? Shit happens and people need medical treatment, it's a basic and universal need for *everybody* in the world.

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