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Comment Re: Bugs (Score 1) 168

1. They have sold millions, so I figure somebody has checked.

It is hard to check encrypted data in an unknown format emanating from closed hard- and software. The can hasn't been around very long. And the software may get updated anytime, e.g. after an audit.

2. If they were actually recording everything, a lot of people would have to be in on the secret.

Perhaps. But the processing can be partitioned so that one hand doesn't know what the other does. People in the collection department think they collect data that will get destroyed once the training algorithms are done with them. The storage people think they get "some data" and their task is to store and index it. The algorithm training people are just happy to get a lot of data and don't care where it comes from and whether it gets deleted.

3. I assume that Amazon is run by greedy bastards, and they wouldn't build a lot of expensive extra capacity into a device if there was no profit in it for them.

If they are greedy bastards (which I would also assume), wouldn't they make the most of what they already have built?

4. If they were spying, and got caught, it would have terrible effects on their reputation, and cost them a lot of customers.

... for a couple of weeks. Then it will be forgotten or ignored by the majority.

Comment Re:False Analogy (Score 2) 531

> If the 'C' language were a flawed language then producing code for all those other languages, using 'C' would make all of those languages inherently contain the same systemic flaws.

No! In C it is trivial to create a buffer overrun error/vulnerability. A Java program on a JVM compiled from C would require careful coding to create a buffer overrun.

> It takes a great deal of experience to understand where problems can be produced in any programming language.

Agreed. And to understand that different languages are open to different problems. That goes for system building on levels above the single programs as well.

Comment Does this solve a real problem? (Score 1) 104

When is the startup time of a Java program a problem in practice?

Not trolling - could you give me an example?

I work with Java every day, both for tooling and end products. The Java startup times are never a factor. What takes time is dependency management, loading of plugins, synchronization between systems etc, and you are likely to have them using any language. The time from initiating the process to the first line of Java code being executed is hardly measurable in the context.

Comment Re:But what would the adapter connect to? (Score 1) 495

WOW...when the fuck did they do that?!?!?

They ditched it a couple of years ago.

In the race to make the MBP look lean, clean and smooth, they have forced you to bring a handful of dongles if you want to connect anywhere. You don't look so hip any longer with those dongles protrouding everywhere, and you certainly don't look hip when you have forgotten to bring one for your public presentation.

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