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Comment Problems = Time (Score 0) 307

I find it hard to believe that the leading answer right now is storage. Unless most of the respondents work in a data center, but if its your job to fiddle with RAID devices all day, that shouldn't apply to this poll. For me storage is usually very straight forward and it tends to work until it doesn't. Graphics cards working at all (hi nouveau), let alone up to spec, is usually the last mile for system building.

Comment Re:competing currencies = good (Score 1) 189

That really says something about the government and USD. But I concur, the best strategy would have been for Liberty Dollar to stick to coin at first until it was apparent the federal government wasn't going to try and steal it all. Then as the confidence grows, start issuing paper receipts. I can't see how the US govt. calling USLD counterfeit USD and putting von NotHaus in jail is different from the Stamp Act which ultimately lead to the (real) Boston Tea Party. Separately, with USD you DO have to worry about the government busting into the warehouse. Except for the fact that there is no warehouse, they just type it in the computer and "print" more money. That is stealing.

Comment They are only responding to Neil Young's demands (Score 1) 312

In this video interview with Neil Young, he states that dominant digital audio formats are inadequate and 'some rich guy' needs to build a new iPod that will play up to 30 albums. I don't think he's heard of flac or the Sansa Clip+ (or MOST Android devices).

Comment Re:ADD & Autism (Score 1) 1271

If you re-read your response, you see that you just confirmed my 2nd statement. Also, in using fantastic and absurd comparisons to create an anchor for the reading audience to discredit the opposing view, you demonstrate how you have been conditioned to respond to anything challenging the position for which you have been programed to subscribe to. Lots of science there.

If you dig (just a little) deeper than controlled mainstream 'news', you will find all kinds of studies/information. Now if you just want to read time/about/huffpost/nytimes/&c., than you can continue to confirm your beliefs and read how contrary studies have been de-bunked. I'm not going to show you how to use google. Do you need me to? Really?

Comment ADD & Autism (Score 1) 1271

I'm sure that the huge spike in ADD & autism has nothing to do with the increase in vaccinations or the fact that those conditions often first develop coinciding with the vaccinations. And all the studies that have suggested this aren't real science because slashdot readers know which studies are valid and which should be dismissed.

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