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Comment Re:You know you failed... (Score 1) 528

Windows 7 is a wonderful improvement on Microsoft's previous operating systems. I have been using the beta for over a month on my main PC after previously using XP. There is no way I want to go back to XP.

I didn't care about Vista but finally with Windows 7 there is enough of an improvement over XP to be worth my money.


Watching Tonight's Presidential Debate Online 349

farkinga writes "For those of us that no longer have a television, live TV events can be a challenge to watch. Fortunately, tonight's Presidential Debate has attracted the attention of most US broadcasters, many of whom will provide online viewing options. Leading the way is Hulu, a joint venture between NBC Universal and News Corp, who will stream the Fox-branded feed tonight — assuming they worked out the bandwidth issues that came up during the second debate!"

Comment Poor Java support (Score 1) 406

Tried FreeBSD recently and gave up on it due to the difficulty getting Java working. On a machine of limited capabilities trying to compile it is too much. It claimed to need 1.7GB of space for the compile! I didn't believe it until the system slowed to a crawl and I found the build directory eating all free space on the partition.

Too bad, seemed good otherwise. I'm falling back to good old Gentoo for now.

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