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Comment I saw the movie (Score 2) 170

"Promise me, Red. If you ever get out... find that spot. At the base of that wall, you'll find a rock that has no earthly business in a Maine hayfield. Piece of black, volcanic glass. There's something buried under it I want you to have."

Security by burying things under rocks seems as good a technique as any, in geological time.

Comment Not new information (Score 1) 227

The intermediate pings have always been considered along with the final pings to determine the arcs. The information at the end of the article - that a southern flight would be found on Indonesian primary radar returns - seems to contradict the large search effort being carried out currently on the southern corridor. It's also entirely possible that the flight wasn't picked up on Indonesian radar - even though it did fly south - if the Indonesian radar capability was not operating as it was expected to.

Comment Re:Public DNS considered harmful (Score 5, Interesting) 181

I commented on the reddit thread in the same vein as you and got downvoted. So I did some research. Several contributors to that thread suggest that Google DNS has solved the CDN problem by adding and original IP field that the CDN can use to geolocate the subscriber. This is due to Google implementing edns-client-subnet EDNS0 extensions as of late-2011.

Submission + - Wi-fi ban in New Zealand school (

drmofe writes: Two parents in New Zealand have orchestrated the removal of a school's Wi-fi system. They have expressed the concerns that Wi-fi causes cancer and other health issues. The child of one of these parents died recently from brain cancer. This appears to be an emotive area and one where decisions appear to be being made without evidence. The NZ Ministry of Education provides guidelines for the safe use of Wi-fi in schools and the school itself was operating within those guidelines.

Comment Horses for Courses (Score 1) 606

Does the professor teach his students by giving verbal and written instruction or does he do it in the form of interpretive dance?

The challenge of Computer Science is managing, modelling and directing complexity. GUIs do that in one way; command line interfaces do that in another. You teach students how to deal with complexity and their ability to do that - the maximal level of complexity that they can manage - determines their potential as a Computer Scientist (programming being a subset thereof)

Comment Re:The ocean frontier - not (Score 1) 138

Your point would be wonderfully made, if not for the fact that Earth is at the bottom of the gravity well and the Moon is near the top. If there was crude oil on the moon (or any other useful energy-bearing ore), all that would be needed would be to get it to free-return trajectory, which is a whole lot less than raising it to LEO from Earth.

Comment No difference (Score 2) 110

I have not noticed any difference in total international traffic at the ISP which I run between now and before the new law came into force. I do notice more VPN and seedbox traffic on residential connections and less UDP torrent traffic.

I am also yet to see a copyright infringement notice properly formatted with the requirements of the new legislation. I have bot even received an automated form letter from a rights owner, as used to be the case on a regular basis.

No rightsowner, or agent thereof has been in contact, nor RIANZ or NZFACT to discuss the relationship between the rightsowners and the designated IPAPs.

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