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Comment Re:Well (Score 1) 240

I know you are right about that, but it really confuses me. I for one consider it a conflict of interest since they aren't private enterprise. Another thing I'm confused about is who exactly owns it? I have heard arguments that technically the companies that funded the inventors owned it because of that, and if that is the case wouldn't any patent held by the U.S. government be owned by any and all citizens that pay taxes? I don't expect anyone to help me here since the whole idea of patents is kind of confusing to me. People get them on carefully worded solutions to problems, or get a patent for merely discovering some kind of genetic sequence that was already there (genes, vitamins, etc..). Pathetic really. I'm just wondering how well they will hold up prior art when over 100,000 inventions will be dumped into the public domain this year alone. Don't need patent reform, or need to get rid of them. If they hold up their end then we just need to invent it before anyone else can patent it. =) Keep watching the PDI website.

Comment Re:I like Net Neutrality, but this idea is crap. (Score 1) 203

-- I want to find actual results, not endless pages filled with "searches" that lead to other searches but never have actual results.

Well, I for one get these kinds of results in all my searches including Google's. I'm not impressed with any of the search engines we have nowadays. I for one get really irritated when it tries to figure out what I'm searching for and even changes the keywords I have entered. Even including them in quotes has no effect. Also pagerank has no relevance to the content of the page/content I'm looking for. It just means more sites have linked to it, and is probably why when I am looking for something recent I usually end up getting news 6 months old in my Google results right off the bat. They are all junk.
When I first heard of the term SEO I thought it meant a way to help you find the information you wanted better. Oh was I wrong. The fact that there can be this kind of manipulation leads me to believe that their system is fundamentally flawed.
I for one don't want anymore government intervention. Just like the recent health care stuff them bumbling bunch of baboons can't get anything right they get their hands into so just leave it partly broke rather than completely. Besides the more the system becomes awful the easier it will be to replace it one day without the government's help. We need to start figuring out how to do more for ourselves rather than depending on them. I know there could be better technology, and await the day we can have true innovation rather than incrementally accepted profit loss to justify advancement.

Regardless of the author's griping there is the fact that there is information that will never see the light of day, and that is the main issue to address.

Comment Re:opinion (Score 1) 211

I would have to disagree. Objective-C is more like C's retarded inbred cousin. Holy cow that language is messed up. I wish Apple would have given me the option of just programming in straight assembly. A lot of the problem is the fact that it doesn't catch most errors so things just blow up when you run them. Maybe 2.0 is better, but iphone development doesn't use that. Who releases an environment for an embedded device that uses a high level language that doesn't have garbage collection? Of course most of my problems are more with sporatic signing issues with no actual valid error message to go on, and XCode eating my files every once in a while. I'm making $700/hour on Android stuff so I haven't visited that side in a while, and it might work better now. Still a funky language in my opinion.

Comment Re:Patent trolls (Score 1) 267

Why? I would say in my opinion, because there isn't anything "novel" about what they did. I'm sorry if a person can create the same thing independently of, and never having read or seen anybody's work then how innovative is it? I have recently managed to create a completely reconfigurable computer complete with an I/O bus (which is what allows physical pins to be remapped via software) with nothing more than a high school education. I imagine though somewhere out there is some fancy research facility being well funded to do exactly that. There is nothing magical about what one person does people; anybody can do anything. I won't pay them squat. I will simply quit using anything WiFi for the time being. I think there is something better out there we could use, and besides if it isn't using radio then we don't need any stinking licenses from the FCC. =)

Comment new to development (Score 1) 74

I always think it is appropriate to have a section on getting things setup. If you are going to write a book about development for a platform you better be ready to be thorough. If you start assuming things then your book will suck, and believe me I have had to go through a lot that have. The only exception I would make is if you have something like "advanced" in the title or something. I have been programming for over 20 years, and anytime I have to setup anything that isn't integrated I need some help to get things to see each other. Android is no different. Because of its open source nature and its ability to run on as many platforms as possible can present a slight challenge to get things working. You can't always rely on some quick tutorials since they often leave out the meat. I had to deal with some that would show you how to do something, but completely left out the part about adding anything to the manifest. It still beats iPhone development whereby XCode would eat perfectly good signature files. I have to admit I am a little biased on iPhone since I can't stand Objective-C and would rather on that platform go back to straight assembly. In closing it is always better for me and others to skip over something rather than having to find that material later on the author assumed we knew.

Comment About time (Score 2, Interesting) 236

It is about time I started seeing technology of this nature, but we are still not there yet. I would love to see this framework system support plugins that way when I design a site I specify what rendering engine is needed, and the browser simply loads it and renders my page 100% correct 100% of the time. It would also make it easer for the W3C to push standards as they could release their own rendering engine as soon as they are published and everyone could start using them so long as the browser supports framework plugins. There is also an added benefit that more time could be spent on the main functions of the browser and other stuff rather than messing with rendering. Anyways, If I don't see anything in the next few years I am going to have to put together a division and scratch that itch.

Comment Some questions (Score 1) 439

If that is the case how in the world do they give any on the site news broadcasts? Don't some of these states have ball teams? So then shouldn't the televising (ie. audio recording of) be prohibited unless all spectators and people occupying the stadium be contacted first? just wondering that's all. I think I will put this in my dumb laws app right next to Missouri's recent one that has an age limit on texting while driving. The reason I was given was that only select ages they have problems with. So I made a suggestion that they do the same with DWI since I bet they don't pull over many 90 year olds. Police had not comment too bad for them it was live. =)

Comment I would agree. (Score 1) 414

Now hear me out first. I'm not sure about Canada, but here in the states the artists are not fairly compensated because most of the generated revenue (like most things corporate) goes to individuals with no actual talent (administrative, CEO, Executives, etc.... I really don't understand in this day and age with the technology that is available that record companies still even exist. Maybe somebody should create an online store much like Google's Marketplace but for music. A kind of independent label version of iTunes if you will. That way more of the actual revenue ends up in the hands of the artists, not some bloated over-the-hill exec who can't carry much of a tune while washing his/her fat behind in the shower. Besides there is a lot of music out there that will never be heard on the scale it deserves because it may not be viewed as "profitable" by a large company. Remember smaller companies will make for a more versatile economy. If we still had that we wouldn't have to worry about one or two financial institutions, or auto companies going under. I think Homeland Security should focus on that as well. In closing, instead of collecting an ipod tax maybe you should collect an "I don't have talent so I make money off of others" tax. You would generate so much more in taxes since it is so widespread. Qorona

Comment Re:Toyota's goal: to protect it's hard work... (Score 1) 307

I have seen that complicated mess. I wouldn't want my engineering team's mark on it. Yuck! You will probably say well can you do better. Well yes I did, but that is beside the point. Problem is that nasty ICE once you let it go away suddenly a more beautiful design can happen. All those man years wasted on trying to make a system work that is so ancient. Just remember one thing no matter how much you polish a turd it is still sh**. Of course someone may want to tell all those working on electrics that battery isn't the way to go you will need about 50+ years for its storage capacity to make it feasible. At that rate you will probably be fighting the so called 'hydrogen' economy. Anyways some of us have some real engineering to do. In the words of Seinfeld, "Good luck with all of that." lol

Comment Question (Score 1) 891

If newer cars are becoming hybrid, or even electric aren't their overall weights lowering? And if they are doesn't that less weight on the road increase the longevity of it? And If that is correct wouldn't the cost of actually maintaining them decrease as well? This GPS shit is for knowing where you are plain and simple baby. Like the NAIA crap with cattle.

Comment Re:Reasons (Score 1) 457

Why do we even use the term race? There is but one race. What is most commonly referred to in this manner is more about geographic isolation of genetic pools. Where in some instances could make people have certain advantages, but that goes both ways. Sad world. People try to say there isn't a god and use evolution, but won't even use that argument when it would possibly make the most sense. I have always firmly believed that anyone can learn anything. If one human can think it someone else can do it. Now most people's learning curve is where you get the problem of people thinking otherwise. In some cases it might exceed their life expectancy, but they are capable nonetheless. Anyways I'm out of here to give a rural community a free network and show them how to keep it going with no stinking cell company to have to rely on. later, and happy slashdotting.

Comment That is just the first step (Score 1) 403

It is nice to see someone showing the public about some of the things wrong with the current auto industry. Nevermind the fact that gobbling up all the smaller companies earlier in the last century took away their competitive edge. I just wish we hadn't bailed them out. The financial district makes more sense even though I don't agree with the fact of having too few large institutions in charge of such masses of possible economic prowless. If they go under so would the economy. The auto industry? No, we would move on. They had their chance a few years back but decided against "innovating" and reverted backwards in design. Screw them let them go belly up. Too many years they have had me and other mechanics pay god awful sums of money for a "special" tool, because they were too damn stupid/and or lazy to engineer something right the first time. I have had enough. I started designing my own vehicles and will be releasing them under a GPL. The first will be the ZR1, an electric motorcycle utilizing a dual-variable gear CVT coupled to an electric motor. Gives excellent dynamic range, and can simulate the sound of a traditional cycle. Since it is open in design anyone will be able to change that sound, and more. It reminds me of the old Zephyr 2's that Zenith Motorcycles released about a 100 years ago. Excellent bikes, but anyways stay posted on the internet for more. With the economy collapsing it is pretty darn clear for me what direction to take. Do more for myself. Design and build my own stuff, and all these over the hill no skilled hack of CEOs who make 70 times what the president makes but yet have the utter responsibility that is reduced to something like 1/70 of his can go get a real job and leave us the hell alone. Laters. =)

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