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Comment Re:eating less (Score 1) 256

And, honestly, it STILL comes down to "YOU need to eat less". Short of individually tailored micromanagement of your gut, you're not going to ever really change what's in there.

The same could be said of anything though. Your legs work YOU just need to fight through your crippling joint pain. Easy right? When you can't eat "normal" portions because your body is metabolizing the energy differently that everyone around you and you are constantly fighting hunger urges, there is an undeniable psychological weight on your being. Eating less is the right solution but to only half of the problem. The second half is the sticky bit and means either suppressing those urges (the wrong way as these solutions have been around for a long time and tend to kill you) or by addressing how your body metabolizes food (gut biome). One address the symptom and the other addresses the cause.

Comment Re:Not surpised (Score 1) 96

This. I just bought a new Maytag washer/dryer set a few weeks back and the installer said they were nice units. He said most of the new stuff is pretty good, everything but Samsung. Said he won't even install them for the reason cited above. I used to work in a music shop and all the repair guys had their conspiracy theories about what was shit and what is great and chalked it up to that. Had no idea the problem was as pervasive as this.

Comment Re:So many problems with IFTTT (Score 1) 177

It's hard to complain about something free but you couldn't be more right. That, and the granularity of the features is garbage at best. Automating lights can only be set to a quarter of an hour. Poor feature support where certain aspects of a service cannot be controlled at all despite the API being exposed. The potential for IFTTT is immense but the execution leaves much to be desired. I'd pay for a full featured, responsive service but I'm left with only what could be. But hey, it is free.

Comment Re:Industry won't cooperate (Score 1) 264

This. Rarely does a DAW need to just lay down tracks like we did in the old days. Most of your effects are all digital and depending on the setup, some or all instruments as well. Compatibility with plug-ins is a must and Audacity, while it love it, doesn't cut it when up against ProTools, Cubase or Sonar. If you have an old school outboard rig, and you can find a compatible interface for Linux, you can recreate an old school 8-track system pretty easily. I don't think we're there yet for complex digital works with 3rd party plug-ins.

Comment Rewrite? Don't you mean correct? (Score 1) 228

From the summary, this sounds like a tool that corrects or adds additional clarity to an otherwise ambiguous phrase. The word "rewrite" almost always has a negative connotation associated with the intent of obfuscating fact. Not sure why the submitter chose to use such a loaded term. I suppose it's possible it was copied from TFA but who reads that?

Comment Re:School isn't there to enrich lives (Score 1) 246

Same. I believe the idea was that high school kids would often have after school jobs and that was certainly true at the time. These days though few high school-er's have job, hell most college kids don't have jobs. I was on the football team and we had mandatory 0 period weight lifting which meant getting in at 6:30am. That was not great.

Comment Re:Won't stop the moral hysteria (Score 1) 175

It's rarely a good idea to reply to an AC but I'll bite. I'm not saying it's good or bad for you, I don't know but propylene glycol is the same stuff they use in artificial fog for stage smoke machines. I haven't heard of too many stage manager deaths related to smoke machines. Given the time I spent in rock clubs in my youth I'm sure I've inhaled gallons of the stuff. While it doesn't appear carcinogenic, it can be related to respiratory irritation.

Comment Re:Great idea! (Score 1) 206

...the real answer isn't wellness programs, it's get health insurance out of the hands of employers.

This is exactly right. TFA isn't even a question if these two pieces are separated. Let's not band aid what is already a broken system, separate the two and if people want discounts/incentives from their insurer let them elect to wear a device, just like they are doing with auto insurance now. None of this has anything to do with my employer and we've only incentivized their interest in my personal life by attaching the two.

Comment Re:Passenger Weight Limits (Score 1) 373

True but in the first scenario we are talking about extra fuel expenditures. It literally costs more to fly heavier people. With volume, that is fixed regardless of load, flight duration etc. I'm guessing the average density of a human has some but minor variations regardless of fitness and yes I know muscle weighs more. Pegging volume to weight seems like it makes sense to me. I'm bigger (volume) than average therefore I weigh more. If I am paying more, it should be for both mass AND volume. The only question is in which direction is your additional volume, horizontal or vertical?

Comment Re:Passenger Weight Limits (Score 1) 373

Agreed. And I'm fine by paying by the pound. At 6' 1" 210 I'll pay more than the average. But since this is about weight and not volume and equitable distribution of that limited resource, the short people won't mind if I ask for their excess legroom to accommodate my height. It's only fair right? If we have adjustable fare's weight then I want adjustable seats based on height. Do that and I'm in.

Comment surrounding yourself with yes men (Score 1) 504

I don't think anyone seriously believes Lucas is a racist. He was strangled by his own hubris and surrounded by yes men that should have said "hey, maybe this reads as a little offensive?" I saw a bit of a documentary and even Lucas seems to question the fact that he gets no push back from anyone. That is how we ended up with these turds (I-II-III). To that end the prequels are equal opportunity offenders and I think we can all agree there is something in there for everyone to DIS-like, we don't have to focus on racism/stereotyping alone.

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