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Comment Spike Mic Project (Score 1) 135

You can make a fun spike mic to listen to people in another room with old parts.

Take an old phono cartridge and carefully attach a metal nail to the tiny stylus end (where the diamond is).
Then plug it into an old phono amp as usual, and listen with headphones.
If you drill a hole on your side of the wall, big enough so the nail doesn't touch the edges, but lightly presses against the wall of the next room, you might be able to hear what's going on.
(Don't use this illegally!)

Submission + - The abandoned college campuses of Second Life (

drkim writes: "In the year 2007, people were really excited about Second Life... Many universities set up their own private islands to engage students; some even held classes within Second Life.
Most of these virtual universities are gone... ...but it turns out a handful remain as ghost towns..."

Comment Stopped doing this in Los Angeles (Score 3, Interesting) 674

They used to arrest people in the Los Angeles subways for the same thing - but the Mayor finally stopped the ridiculous practice:

"This is simply common sense. I want our law enforcement resources directed toward serious crime, not cell phone charging."

Comment Re:A more accurate summary might be: (Score 2) 192

Eh, my experience is that a lot of things in the military are sold as systems, and that includes the OS that goes along with it.

So fire, or demote, the idiots who did not plan for a known future event (EOL of XP) when purchasing these systems. That includes the Generals, Admirals, etc..

It's not that easy. If they were migrating the OS and OTC software, it wouldn't be so problematic.
But they run millions of lines of custom code, purpose written for specific devices.
Changing OS would also require rewriting (and testing) all those specially apps.

Submission + - Russians might be able to break unbreakable crypto (

drkim writes: Mere moments after publications of an independent report condemning UK's mass surveillance programme, sources in the UK spy agencies — who are pushing for massively expanded surveillance powers through the Snoopers' Charter — leaked an evidence-free story claiming the Russians and Chinese had magically gained the ability to decrypt the files Snowden took with him from the NSA.

Comment Intel i7-920 (Score 1) 558

CPU: Intel i7-920 2.66 GHz 45nm
GFX: Evga GeForce GTX 260
Mobo: Evga x58 3x SLI - LGA 1366 i7
RAM: Corsair Dominator DDR3 1600 6Gb
Case: Cooler Master HAF 932
System HDD: Western Digital Caviar Black 7200rpm WD 1000 LSRTL 1 Tb
Data HDD: 3x 1Tb
Ext HDD: Simpletech 1Tb Pro-drive
PS: Corsair TX850W
Optical: LG BH08 Super Multi Blue
OS: Win 7 Ultimate - 64 bit
Mouse: Logitech MX-1100
Monitor: 2x HP Pavilion 2311x

Submission + - Automatically creating interactive models from short video clip (

drkim writes: Using a short video clip of a (slightly) moving object, an interactive 'model' can be created automatically.
(Video @ 12:30)
"Subtle motion happens around us all the time, including tiny vibrations caused by sound. New technology shows that we can pick up on these vibrations and actually re-create sound and conversations just from a video of a seemingly still object. But now Abe Davis takes it one step further: Watch him demo software that lets anyone interact with these hidden properties, just from a simple video."

Comment Re:Makerspace.... (Score 1) 167

It's been called a WORKSHOP or some close equivalent in various languages for something like 2000 years now! Why the heck do we need to make up a stupid name for it?

Because a 'workshop' or 'shop' is something you would find at a trade or tech school for future blue-collar workers.

A 'makerspace', although functionally identical (except for the Starbucks cups laying around), sounds like place you can go to make cool stuff while you are waiting for your 19th Century French poetry class to start.

Comment Re:No mention of getting data out (Score 1) 71

...even if I managed to get my malware on a machine and then somehow got the sensitive data onto some sort of external media, I still don't have anything useful.

Unless the hack on that USB stick forces the target machine to start radiating data on RF via its monitor or other peripherals.

Those radiations could then be read from an external pickup.
"Van Eck phreaking is a form of eavesdropping in which special equipment is used to pick up side-band electronic-magnetic emissions from electronics devices that correlate to hidden signals or data for the purpose of recreating these signals or data in order to spy on the electronic device. Side-band electromagnetic radiation emissions are present in, and with the proper equipment, can be captured from keyboards, computer displays, printers, and other electronic devices."

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