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Comment Re:Good Riddance (Score 4, Interesting) 150

Hangouts should've been renamed to Hangups. Connection issues were so rampant, and was one of the primary reasons Google Helpouts failed so badly.

I disagree. I used hangouts to call my wife and kids frequently from Afghanistan over a 2Mbps satellite connection and never experienced a hangup. in fact, the voice and video quality was FAR superior to any other voice/video offering on the market. It worked for me in 2007-8 and 2011-12 without a hitch. I have also leveraged it for years in my asterisk pbx without issues on hours long conference calls. that being said, hangouts itself is not being retired (thankfully), the API is.

Comment free money to offset increased costs (Score 2) 284

So, I enjoyed my dividend check while I maintained residency. However, that money was offset by my 6$/gallon milk and other ridiculous expenses. The nearest McDonalds, wal-mart, or movie theatre were a hundred miles away, although you could get free weed at school all day long.. hell i didn't know people paid for weed until i moved to the lower 48!

That being said, the real benefit to living in Alaska isn't the dividend fund, it's the top-rate education system. I moved from Alaska to Kentucky my Junior year of HS and went from being a solid c student to straight A. The junior/senior classes in HS covered topics from JR High in Alaska. The state dumps tons of money into education.

Comment Re:what? (Score 1) 65

most vehicles in the modern army have a 'datacenter' in them with satellite terminals towed. they all shoot back to a centralized location via satellite and from there go elsewhere, be it via fiber, satellite or high speed line of sight connections.

During an exercise, we brought in an air-droppable hmmwv that had a slim dish on top (used for campers), 2 gutted cisco routers and 2 gutted cisco switches with a POE NSA Type 2 encryption devices (all packed in to a very small form factor) to provide secure video telephony capabilities aswell as command and control capabilities from the site of an airborne insertion, which would typically be surrounded by enemies trying to defend their airfield.

Comment Re:what? (Score 1) 65

I don't understand why you would need a datacenter in a war zone.

Assuming you're able to get it running, what are you going to connect it to anyway? What is it going to do?

I participated in the standing up of an MPLS blackcore network with 5+ other "internets" (the one you know as the internet is one of many) using this mpls black core as a transport network. The amount of IT infrastructure in the middle of nowhere rivals that of many fortune 500 companies.

while heat and reliable electricity remain issues, cisco gear can run at temperatures up to 130F reliably.

Comment we've known this for a while (Score 5, Informative) 214

Every movie i've ever purchased from a hadj in afghanistan or some little old lady in the back of a restaurant in New York has done one of two things.
1)It's either completely turned me off of the movie because it was horrible. This doesn't cost a thing because now the money never changed hands; in the case of ultraviolet, i had to go get my money back for the movie being so terrible.
2)Has been awesome enough that i either simply want to see it on the theater screen with their lovely DTS surround or I want to watch it in 3D on a huge screen.

I'm a huge supporter of try before you buy. I had frozen MONTHS before it released on dvd and still ended up taking my daughters to the movies multiple times to see it.

Comment perhaps not mitm. (Score 1) 572

You will see this behavior pretty frequently if you SSL offload with an f5 or if you filter ssl websites with bluecoats. Im sure there are a slew of other legit apps that also do this. Eg. we blocked youtube, but everyone knew to bypass this you could goto https://youtube.com/ so we started intercepting ssl certificates to block the traffic. In our case; we only intercepted SOME ssl traffic depending on destination to avoid the issue you're discussing but presumably if we just intercepted all and filtered after the fact, you would have seen the same issue.

Comment forced curricula (Score 1) 313

I get that core subjects are required, it helps to avoid Americans further embarrassing themselves by being idiots when they can't do simple math. Why would you ever REQUIRE a computer science class? Should we also require multiple anatomy/Sociology/psychology classes? No. I didn't take AP anatomy in high school because it didn't interest me. I did attend a community college at night to take computer science courses I enjoyed. Make those classes available in high school but don't require them. Let people decide what they are interested in and pursue it, schools shouldn't be here to force feed specializations.

Comment Why not trust the gov (Score 1) 234

If one trusted the government prior to the revelations provided by the NSA leaks, why would they not still trust the government? Think about it, we provide the information to the government, the government therefore has access to this data and presumably are the only ones who can view it. the NSA is the government... i would expect that government agencies can view data i provide to a different agency... therefore, knowing that the NSA is logging you changes nothing.

the only significant difference is now, we know that if you put data on another carrier, the NSA will still see it... so regardless of location, your data is going to be viewed by the government.

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