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Comment Re:Acronym collisions! (Score 1) 134

You're kinda missing the point of theatres. Watching a film as part of a large audience is a better experience (assuming everyone is well behaved) because the collective reaction of an audience to humorous or shocking moments lets you pick out things that you might not notice when watching alone.

Sorry you had such bad experiences in the past, I know I've had them too. It depends on where you live. I watched a movie once in Stockport, UK and the audience was a crowd of teenage idiots who chatted and smoked their way through the movie. I certainly didn't go back to that cinema, but I went to others and had no problem.

Now that I live in Silicon Valley I don't have a lot of trouble with fellow audience members apart from the occasional bit of popcorn crunching at the start of the feature (close your mouth before you start chewing FFS!). I particularly enjoy watching classic films in the old art-deco Stanford Theatre in Palo Alto, where they have the organ coming up out of the floor and the fella playing tunes in between shows. That's an experience you definitely can't reproduce at home!

Comment Government regulation at work (Score 0) 110

Note how the VW emission scandal came to light thanks to US regulators. We often think of the EU being ahead of the game in this sort of thing, but European car emissions testers are private entities that compete for business. This creates an incentive to "cook the books" and give manufacturers an easy time. US regulators, on the other hand, are public entities and have no such incentive to be nice to the auto manufacturers. Hence, a stricter testing regime that uncovered a culture of corner-cutting and cheating that existed in VAG. Mark my words, VW will not be the last Euro manufacturer to have been found screwing with emissions data.

Comment An alternative gig (Score 1) 367

You could always do food delivery. I was out of work for a while and my car is too old and has too few doors to work for Uber. However I signed up with Order Ahead (a competitor of Doordash) and did food delivery. It was enough to pay the bills and quite enjoyable. I brought my laptop with me and did some online courses during downtime, which I still got paid for since they pay an hourly rate plus per-mile delivery fees and tips.

I'd say it'll be a while before food delivery gets completely automated. Some sort of autonomous Segway device or drone might come to the restaurant to pick up the food? It's a longer way off than driverless taxis.

Comment Re:Should be worried about gunfire (Score 4, Insightful) 96

anti-cop racist assholes have killed and shot over a dozen cops in the last couple weeks,

Or as conservatives would call it, "exercising Second Amendment rights to resist a tyrannical government." Well? That's what insurrectionist gun lobbyists and militias want, isn't it? If using force of arms to resist a tyrannical government doesn't involve pointing guns at people and shooting them, what does it involve?

Or is it different when Cliven Bundy types point their rifles at federal agents or illegally occupy federal buildings? Or in the case of the Timothy McVeigh types, blow them to kingdom come?

Yeah, conservatism has no bias at all. SMH.


Donald Trump To Announce Mike Pence As Vice-Presidential Running Mate ( 413

Donald Trump has selected Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his vice-presidential running mate. A senior GOP official, cited by many media outlets today (including the WSJ), confirmed the news, adding that the announcement will be made Friday. The Guardian reports: Pence brings several qualities to the Trump campaign that Republicans have found lacking, not least of which experience in government. The 57-year-old spent 12 years in Congress, including two years in a leadership role with the House Republican Conference. He was elected governor of Indiana in 2012, and gained a degree of national notoriety that's to a controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which he signed into law and then wanted revised, after many argued it would allow discrimination against LGBT people. A Trump-Pence ticket could send a message to Republican dissenters who feel they cannot support a candidate who has proven inconsistent on guns, abortion, LGBT rights and other social conservative issues. Just before the Indiana primary election, the staunchly conservative governor endorsed Ted Cruz, Trump's leading opponent and a far-right senator from Texas.An anonymous reader shared a BuzzFeed article on Pence today. The article digs into some of the opinion pieces Pence has penned over the years. In one such article, Pence wrote that "smoking doesn't kill." "Time for a quick reality check. Despite the hysteria from the political class and the media, smoking doesn't kill," he wrote. In another piece, he argues that Carbon Dioxide "can't be the cause of increased global temperatures" because it is "a naturally occurring phenomenon in nature..." not an unnatural one.

Comment Re:Simple Algorithm (Score 2) 43

Amen, publishers are half as annoying as friends or family who post every exhale. The ones I'm thinking of have a million "friends" (read: people they met once, or their friends), have elevated visibility because one of those millions can be trolled in to liking one post or another on a consistent basis, and also use facebook to flog some idiotic business idea they have.

You cannot "unlike" them, you have no way of moderating their posts down, and often you cannot "unfriend" them without dealing with the social fallout. So you get swamped by shit you don't like, and eventually stop using facebook.

Huh? All you have to do is unfollow them.

Comment Re:Control (Score 5, Insightful) 693

I feel the same about the World Trade Organization. Why are THEY making decisions for Americans?

The WTO is the successor to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). This was an attempt to set international institutions in place to regulate international trade in order to make it easier to get trade moving. It was an attempt to provide an international framework in which countries could sort out their differences on trade matters peacefully without resorting to trade wars, protectionism, and to prevent a repeat of the same economic conditions that ultimately led to two world wars.

Does that answer your question?

Comment Re:I want an American tricycle ! (Score 1) 138

I've been cycling in traffic for 30 years and never been hit by a car once. I've cycled in Ireland and England where you have to share narrow roads with cars, buses, and 40-foot trucks. I now live in the San Francisco Bay Area and I bike to work just about every day, and the infrastructure here is far more bike-friendly than in the UK.

In the morning I ride on the expressways. Yes. Expressways. Non-cyclists think it's dangerous, but it's actually safer than regular surface streets since there's a big wide shoulder to use as a bike lane, and there's less cross traffic with no private driveways. It's also easier to get up to my cruising speed that averages 17 to 18mph, which is a lot faster than the cars stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic and going nowhere. I always make a mental note of which cars I see when I get onto the expressway because I generally get to my destination either before them or at the same time as them.

In the evening I take a longer route home which is mostly on trails and only a few miles on surface streets. The trails are like superhighways for bikes since they pass under so many of the surface streets and skip dozens of stoplights.

Cycling is perfectly safe as long as you know what you're doing. It's no more dangerous to ride a bike on a road full of cars than it is for a car to drive on a freeway full of trucks.

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