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Comment Re:Samsung only 22% of smartphones (Score 1) 446

Bought a car stereo a little over 2 years ago, the stereo system could either connect to bluetooth, or use a USB device. Connected my phone to bluetooth, it didn't sound right. Couldn't put my finger on it, but it sounded thin. Put the same music on a USB device, it sounds just fine.

I've read, but cannot confirm, that the problem is that compressed music on your cell phone is decompressed and then recompressed and decompressed again over Bluetooth.

The problem is that the compression algorithms are designed to emphasize and de-emphasize different music characteristics. So it's kind-of like squeezing your music through two incompatible audio filters, it just squeezes all the goodness from your music.

In fact, I don't know but I'm willing to bet the Bluetooth compression is optimized for speech, which would be crap for music.

Comment ESP8266 with LCD or LED display (Score 1) 291

An ESP8266 module with an LCD or LED display.

You would need an ESP module like the ESP-07 or ESP-12 with multiple I/O pins or a NodeMCU board to drive the display, but you can program it to sync with a time server every day or so over your wireless network.

You can add a DS3231 precision real time clock chip (cheap breakout boards are available on eBay) for better accuracy.

Comment Re:Things that I wish wouldn't keep getting repeat (Score 1) 339

No one for a thousand years to come will ever seriously think about trying to smush two protons together hard enough for them to fuse without a sun-sized gravity well to assist with it.

Actually you can do it relatively easily with a Farnsworth fusor.

It's not practical for power generation, but it easily smushes protons together.

Comment I'm surprised (Score 1) 223

Yes, I know TFS says, "the three best-selling vehicles in the U.S. in both 2014 and 2015 were all pickup trucks."

But I would think a luxury SUV would be a more likely step.

Musk has made great improvements to battery capacity and life for his automobiles, but I suspect trucks require more power and range than is practical with current battery technology.

Comment Re:So when do we get to SEE these rules? (Score 1) 631

So when do they release these 322 pages of new rules? With all this transparency, what could POSSIBLY go wrong?! /s

From TechDirt:

"First, it's important to note that despite a 3-2 vote approving the Title II-based rules, we won't get to see the actual rules today. Despite claims by neutrality opponents that this is some secret cabal specific to net neutrality, the agency historically has never released rules it votes on (pdf) until well after the actual vote. It's a dumb restriction that's absolutely deadly to open discourse, but it's not unique to one party or to this specific issue."

Comment Re:All internet providers, or just mobile? (Score 5, Interesting) 379

There's only one place in the article that specifically mentions mobile broadband. The rest talks about the internet and broadband in general.

Although it's not completely clear, I'm assuming Title II will apply to both mobile and non-mobile broadband, but he's calling out mobile broadband because the most ignominious examples of abuse (data caps, throttling, prioritization, etc) have been by mobile operators.

Comment Re:Things (Score 2) 191

Electronics? Really? Those are just things. They can be replaced.

There's electronics and there's electronics.

Sure you don't care about your computer, TV, DVD player, etc, etc, but you might want to add a crank/solar AM/FM radio, flashlight, spare cell phone and maybe even a battery-operated TV to your stash.

Extra points for a CB or Ham radio.

Comment Re:Most are ill-prepared (Score 1) 191

Depends on whether your flashlights are compatible with lithiums. For example, they will cook a maglight with incandescent bulbs. The bulbs burn out within 10 minutes.

You're thinking of Lithium-Ion batteries which are nominally 3.6V.

Energizer Lithium batteries are 1.5V and are compatible with most electronics that take AA or AAA Alkaline batteries.

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