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Comment We're all saved (Score 1) 278

Spook says: Oh no, I'd better not speed to disarm the nuclear weapon and save the world in case I get a ticket in the mail in 2 weeks time!!!. Oh no, IT'S TOO LATE!

Spook says: Fear not, I shall go 35mph in a 30 zone and SAVE THE WORLD!

The fact is that the Police cannot speed whenever they please, they have to be on a recorded "emergency" incident, and unless the records support the need for the "blues and twos" then the driver will very much get a ticket. So how is this going to work with a spy? Are they going to write down the top secret terrorist incident they were speeding to in order to get away with a £30 ticket? I think not.

Alternatively, if they are caught by one of the very very few remaining police with the power to pull over a vehicle (rather than simply being flashed by a robo-enforcement scamera) how are they going to answer the plod when he asks "Whats all this about then?" Are they going to say "sorry, you can't give me a ticket but I can't tell you why you can't give me a ticket?"

Waste-of-time fact I can't believe I wasted my time typing this.....

Comment Why not give them away.... (Score 4, Insightful) 550

...or sell them at a stupidly low price? Why "sit" on a stockpile of rapidly depreciating tech? If the price were less than half the price of an iPad they would sell easily. What Microsoft need just now is market penetration. With enough users the apps and accessories will sell, and then the developers will come once there's sufficient volume to make actual money, and THEN they can think about profiting off the NEXT generation, but for now they need to admit this one is a bust and almost give them away. Currently an iPad is what £350.....the Surface tablet would have to be at £100 to tempt me....

Comment Clear text passwords (Score 1) 111

Its unclear why twitter are resetting passwords. Is it simply a precaution as the password data is encrypted and useless (as it should be)? Surely in this day and age Twitter aren't storing passwords in clear text?

Comment Re:Fuel tax? (Score 1) 500

While placing the tax on fuel would seem like the obvious answer, the high cost of gas in Europe (equivalent of over $8 a gallon) is already a political headache, and any government which proposed to add more tax to an already heavily taxed commodity would soon find themselves very unpopular. People like the idea of being environmentally friendly, being fuel efficient etc, but they love the personal freedom and liberty that cars give them - what they want is a cheaper, more environmentally friendly method of getting around without a loss in what they see as their basic rights.

Comment Re:This is dumb (Score 1) 292

However, the injunction is only valid in England, so that's not fact its nowhere close. How about those twitterers who named Giggs that are based in Scotland/Ireland/Europe/World? Will twitter identify the locality of the tweet before handing over account details of users who have done absolutely nothing wrong? In doing so will twitter breach other privacy laws?

Submission + - Twitter to hand over user data (

drginge writes: Looks like twitter are set to hand over user data in the Ryan Giggs Superinjuction debacle. One question, given the users didn't necessarily break any laws (i.e. anyone tweeting from outside England), how will twitter ensure they aren't in breach of privacy/data protection laws themselves? Should the onus not be on the accuser to at least prove a crime was committed before insisting on a users data?

Submission + - Uk iphones can now be legitimately unlocked (

drginge writes: Since the exclusivity deal with o2 in the UK just ran out, iPhone users can now unlock and switch to another network with the blessing of Apple and o2. I wonder how hard this will hit o2 and are AT&T watching. For someone like me who travels this is a great change, as I can now use local SIM cards and not pay extortionate data roaming charges.

Submission + - UK ISP pulls plug on file sharers

drginge writes: "Looks like UK ISP Karoo are taking a pretty aggressive approach with file sharers. If a copyright holder contacts the ISP alleging a user has been sharing their material, the ISP disconnects the user without warning and sends them a letter a few days later. Here's the twist — to get reconnected the user has to sign a form admitting guilt and promising never to do it again. Here's the further twist — in the area the ISP serves, there is no alternative, so if you get accused of file sharing and want to continue accessing the net you'd better fess up!"

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