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Comment Re: frist post (Score 1) 569

Because citizens are not given rights by the U.S. Federal government, they only have rights taken away. The best way for me to have you picture it is thus: I have all my marbles. I own them and they were mine to begin with. I don't need you to give them to me. In this example you're the U.S. Federal government. For some reason you say some of my marbles are unsafe so you take some of my marbles. This is the exact opposite of most countries. Other countries start with all the marbles and provide them to citizens at the government's discretion. This is why your question is wrong, because I don't have to explain to the U.S. Federal government why I need rights that are already my own.

Comment Re: frist post (Score 1) 569

If you plan to ignore the Bill of Rights to fix America's violent behavior I'd start with the First Amendment and banning violence in media. I'm pretty sure they have more to do with violence in America than certain tools being in the hands of millions of Americans. BTW, that's just my suggestion to you given the least of two evils. I respect the Bill of Rights enough to not want to infringe on any of them.

Comment Re: Hoax (Score 1) 1105

I think you've come to an important realization but unfortunately I don't think you understand it's for opposite economic reasons. A weak federal system, laissez faire capitalism, state governments enablement of industry all work. Obviously the United States of America have different shades of these issues but the closer any country gets to these principles the better.

Comment Re: Hoax (Score 1) 1105

Using private email isn't illegal but having someone unwrap top secret emails and spreading them "for convenience" is. And a freedom of information request has stated that a criminal investigation is open by the FBI.

The Democratic response has been that since previous Republican Secretary of States had occasionally received government related emails on private email accounts it's okay for Secretary Clinton to purposely use an email server and internal aliases to circumvent freedom of information and electioneering laws.

I have no idea if Secretary Clinton will go to jail but if this was a Republican administration or if Secretary Clinton was practically anyone else she'd have been in jail.

Comment Re: Well, she was an interim. (Score 0) 467

Socialism inherently institutes totalitarianism because what if brother comrade X chooses to either not work or not work well. Capitalism innovated society by relying on laws that apply to everyone to dictate the rules for negotiating commerce. If I live under a socialist society and I decide I'm better off feeding off society what's my incentive to work other than coercion? Under capitalism I can just assume I'll eat less. Socialism brings out the worst in humans, which is the inherent urge to enslave others.

Comment Re: Well, she was an interim. (Score 0) 467

If you go to the store and purchase something, logically that is your property.

The main argument you're trying to suggest is that Republicans emotionally cling to their own property. I think that's inherent in sociology. Countries that have attempted to distort that inherent human interest have created less efficient humans (they'd rather not measure the decline in labor but China has dropped it's communal property strategies).

People get emotional when logic isn't available to support their opinion. It's all about the efficient use of labor. We can have six people who work for the Federal government watch one person who makes a billion. Imagine if those six people don't have Federal jobs and decide to innovate and hire others? Suddenly our economy starts to improve.

Comment Obvious (Score 0) 281

Because anthropomorphic global climate change activism was never actually about reversing the natural ebbs and flows in the planet's climate. It always was about a global political and economic system that is totalitarian in nature and socialis in economics.

Comment GOOD! (Score 1) 394

University research funding is pretty straightforward, corporations, non-profits, and governments contribute money for research that supports their agenda. What's a little trickier is consulting fees paid to researchers. I think if we were to evenly investigate every climate scientist the climate alarmists would be the dirtier ones.

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