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Comment Re:This just in... nerds hate everything. (Score 1) 210

Your point is that the type of consumer I'm saying makes up most of Sony's market share will not care about a $350 price hike, because they don't care how much money their toys cost. I disagree. These are poor college students, to whom there is a world of difference between $250 and $599. How else can your point be interpreted? I think that the group that I'm talking about is less inclined to spend an extra $350 on something that is only a casual hobby to begin with, and that THIS group is what is the difference between an Xbox marketshare and a PS2 marketshare.

If I'm not interpreting your comment about "15k + 5k" cars right, please by all means correct me.

I'll repeat my point again, in case maybe I didn't state it right before:

The difference between the Xbox marketshare and the PS2 marketshare is mostly college guys who live in a frat house or a dorm who saw their friends PS2 and decided they wanted to play Madden too. In fact, I wouldn't be shocked at all if a good 10-15% of all PS2 owners ONLY had versions of Madden and GTA in their game library. These are NOT the kind of consumers who care enough about video games to spend $600 on a video game console.

It has nothing to do with "high school debate class" but certainly taking a jab at me makes your point far superior.

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