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Submission + - US to spend 500 Million dollars destroying our stock of U233 ( 1

drewm1980 writes: U233 is an isotope of Uranium that can be used for starting molten salt breeder reactors, among other things. The US Dept. of Energy is in the process of spending half a million dollars to destroy the US's stockpile of this resource, since it is not currently used by the united states. A petition to stop this destruction ends Feb. 12.

Submission + - Where are all the computer optimized text editors?

drewm1980 writes: In recent years there has been an increase in interest in alternative keyboard layouts, due in no small part to their optimization by faster computers and better algorithms. In addition to more pragmatic layouts like the Colemak layout, there are layouts that have been optimized by simulated annealing and genetic algorithms . The problem of efficiently entering text and the problem of manipulating existing text are tightly coupled, yet it appears that there has not been any serious research on editor design since the early eighties. Where are all of the computer optimized text editors? Here's a brief reading list:
The use of logging data in the design of a new text editor, Michael Good, 1985
The evaluation of text editors: a critical review of the Roberts and Morgan methodology based on new experiments, Nathaniel S. Borenstein, 1985
The evaluation of text editors: methodology and empirical results , Teresa Roberts, Thomas P. Moran, 1983

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