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Comment Re:Another liberal dream goes totalitarian (Score 2, Informative) 439

i know this is slashdot where talking out of your ass gets you modded as insightful but this is just too stupid to pass by.

you've clearly never been to the event and have no appreciation of its history. i grew up in reno i went for the first time in 1996. at that time there were only 8,000 people (at least according to wikipedia) last year there were 49,500. there's absolutely no way you can scale that without changing the rules. i remember talking to people that we upset that there was no more drive by shooting range. there was a rave camp a mile from central camp and everyone drove their cars around. and that year three people in a tent got run over by a car, so the next year only art cars were allowed and a speed limit imposed.

they don't make rules just to make rules. the rules are either: a) responses to clear problems to keeping the ever increasing number of people from killing each other b) imposed by the counties (washoe and pershing) or blm in order to obtain the permits.

Comment ~29-year-old Heathkit H19 terminal (Score 1) 622

I've got a Heathkit H19 dumb terminal on my desk that's hooked up to my MacMini via serial-to-USB converter.

I don't do a lot of "work" with it but I wrote a Ruby script for it to talk to iTunes via AppleScript and grab the album art then pass that through ImageMagick to bump the contrast then convert it to ASCII text using jp2a.

You can see some pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/drewish/tags/h19/
Or checkout the Ruby script: http://github.com/drewish/textFlow/tree/master

GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - New Method to Detect and Prove GPL Violations (uni-sb.de)

qwerty writes: A paper at the upcoming academic conference Automated Software Engineering presents a new method to detect code theft and could be used to detect GPL violations in particular. While the co-called birthmarking method is demonstrated for Java, it is general enough to work for other languages as well. The API Benchmark observes the interaction between an application and (dynamic) libraries that are part of the runtime system. This captures the observable behavior of the program and cannot be easily foiled using code obfuscation techniques, as shown in the paper. Once such a birthmark is captured, it can be searched for in other programs. By capturing the birthmarks from popular open-source frameworks, GPL-violating applications could be identified.

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