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Submission + - Debugging CSS, AJAX and DOM with Firebug

prostoalex writes: "Joe Hewitt of Parakey in the latest Dr. Dobb's Journal provides a detailed overview of Firebug extension for Firefox: "Firebug breaks the page down into a set of tabs that depict its most important aspects — HTML, CSS, JavaScript, the DOM, network activity, and a console for errors and log messages. No tab is an island; Firebug lets you browse code just as you browse the Web by presenting objects as hyperlinks that can take you from one view to another.""

Comment Instant-on isn't anything new (Score 4, Informative) 189

"Instant-on" PCs aren't new. Take a look at the Soyo SY-P4VAL version M (I think this was on Slashdot before but I don't have a link). The built-in BIOS "media center" software lets you play MP3 CDs, audio CDs, VCDs, DVDs, and watch TV. It's only ~$130, as opposed to $2500 - $2600.
Granted, this article is about a laptop with instant-on capabilities, which is of course cooler and more expensive.

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