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Comment Re:Not, "Can this work?" It's, "WHERE can this wor (Score 1) 135

Helicopters are a general-purpose aircraft. If you only needed 50 mile range you could probably make a purpose-built hybrid-powered shuttle with better economics than a chopper. And the generation growing up today will be used to the idea of drone quads. This could be a thing in my lifetime ... though I won't be investing in it just yet.

Comment Not, "Can this work?" It's, "WHERE can this work?" (Score 1) 135

There's already infrastructure in place for VTOL aircraft in cities: Helipads on rooftops. Hospitals have them.

Cost isn't (as much of) an issue for Uber. They don't do sales, they do for-hire.

If someone could plug into the existing Uber app and provide another selection to the right for "VTOL", you think they wouldn't do brisk business in New York? Hell, shuttle service from downtown to the airports alone would more than pay for it.

Comment Main point I agree on (Score 1) 629

I only dropped in on the comments to see how bad the flaming was, but instead it was overwhelming agreement that the article was shit. As bad as the comments can get when there's even the barest excuse of a reason to talk politics, this thread almost gives me hope that things might not be as bad as the loudest people make it seem.

Comment Where should that conversation happen? (Score 4, Interesting) 399

Nearly one-third of Facebook users surveyed said social media is not an appropriate forum for political discussions.

Then where is the appropriate forum? Seriously, what does this third of users think it's for?

And by the way ...

... a firm that sells social media followers

That makes me sad.

Comment It's an equalizer (Score 2) 93

The people writing tickets - and prosecuting them - do it thousands of time a year. Most people defending against them do it once a year or less. Apps like this just put defendants on a more even footing with prosecutors in terms of knowing the law.

Prosecutors may complain, but if your argument is that you prefer when people don't know the law, you deserve to lose.

Comment There's nothing "unfair" about it (Score 1) 112

Developing markets protect their infant industries. They have to in order to advance. See here for plenty of detail.

Chang blasts holes in the "World Is Flat" orthodoxy of Thomas Friedman and others who argue that only unfettered capitalism and wide-open international trade can lift struggling nations out of poverty. On the contrary, Chang shows, today's economic superpowers-from the U.S. to Britain to his native Korea-all attained prosperity by shameless protectionism and government intervention in industry, a fact conveniently forgotten now that they want to compete in foreign markets.

Comment Re:Sounds like bullshit to me. (Score 1) 373

My father is AB- and has a couple of 10-gallon pins. The company he worked for throughout the 60s and 70s was across the street from a hospital, and had an arrangement where they would give a day off to anyone who responded to an emergency request to donate. The hospital had a standing order to send out the "emergency request" to my dad every sixth Friday.

Comment Re:Not how they roll (Score 2) 121

" I cannot see any sane reason why our elected officials are not using official government email accounts supported by official government IT workers. "

Campaign finance laws prohibit using gov't resources for campaigning. Every Member of the US House is up for re-election every two years so it's become a never-ending campaign.

I wish that weren't the case, but it pretty much starts and ends with that.

Comment Summary really should have included the outcome (Score 1) 177

For those who don't RTFA they won't know that ...

In this case, the NYPD acknowledged the mistake, is retraining its officers and is putting in monitoring to limit this type of erroneous ticketing from happening in the future. In doing so, they have shown that they are ready and willing to work with the people of the city. And what better gift can we get from Open Data than that.

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