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Comment Re:Yeesh (Score 1) 294

"Everyone needs to be sure to tighten one's safety belt before approaching the cliff."

No. "Everyone" is a collective noun. In this context, the intent is that each member of that collective needs to take action individually. Therefore a plural pronoun would be appropriate.

Which means this isn't even a good example of needing a singular pronoun. It should be "their".

Comment Enemy of the good (Score 3, Insightful) 106

"The FCC's new privacy rules would have been dramatic, to be sure -- but they would only have addressed one piece of the problem, leaving companies like Facebook and Google free to continue doing much the same thing."

So instead of repealing the law, how about extending to also apply to Google and Facebook?

This is a constant refrain from Republicans: "This solution doesn't solve the problem completely or perfectly, so it should be repealed." If there's any meaningful space between that often-repeated position and simply eliminating all corporate oversight, I can't see it.

Comment This isn't new (Score 1) 102

For a while lots of telemarketing scams were located in Texas. Multiple people around the U.S. had tried to sue them for fraud, but the Attorney General of the victim's state would say they had no jurisdiction, and the Texas AG would say that his mandate was to defend citizens of Texas.

So as long as you made the call from Texas into another state, no one would take the case.

Note that yes, there were clearly interstate commerce laws being broken, but no one would prosecute.

Comment Re:It's scary to know the gov't is so dumb (Score 1) 67

This is piercing the corporate veil. If the precedent stands, look for lawsuits targeting corporate officers individually for the actions of the corporation.

Note that I don't think that's necessarily a bad idea, but probably not what they intend with this.

Comment Re:Parachute, please (Score 1) 85

Ever heard of containerization []?

Standardized cars will go over with the market about as well as standardized housing has.

I didn't say standardized cars, I said standardized transportation. Do you hold out for a specific model of Uber? Or taxi? Or bus?

If I want a car, I want a particular car. If I want to get from point A to point B I mostly care what it costs and how long it will take.

Transportation is to driving as shipping is to luxury cruise.

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