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Comment That's not what that word means (Score 3, Insightful) 210

The data further show that the majority of US adults (69%) know that piracy is illegal. Interestingly, this also means that a large chunk of the population believes that they're doing nothing wrong.

No. That means 31% of the population doesn't know the law, which is a little hard to believe.

Knowing that it's illegal and believing that you're doing something wrong are completely different issues.

Comment Re:Human brain is NOT a computer (Score 1) 150

That article does a lot of assertion without much in the way of persuasion or offering an alternative model. It's got an interesting premise - that describing the brain in terms and metaphors that come from computing may obscure rather than illuminate its functioning - but the few examples given weren't persuasive.

Comment Re:Price has other factors (Score 4, Informative) 91

Being outraged by imaginary problems and not bothering to confirm anything before seems to be the new norm. You'll fit right in.

No, the problem was the summary: "The phones are attractive because they contain no bloatware, competing services, and a lack of software and security updates"

Parallel construction grammar fail. That should have read, "The phones are attractive because they contain no bloatware, no competing services, and won't lack software and security updates." The summary meant to negate all three parts.

Comment Re:I'll go ahead and be that guy (Score 1) 179

firstly just because someone else got away with something doesn't mean you shouldn't punish someone who INTENTIONALLY broke the law for profit.

Straw man. You could just as easily read what I said to mean the bankers should have been punished. Which is what I meant.

secondly many of the people that lost their homes did so because of their own greed and stupidity

And many lost them because banks fraudulently filed paperwork that the homeowner wasn't aware of.

if you overleverage yourself without doing some basic research then you are at least partly responsible for the rod you created for your back.

And if the research you do is to ask the bank questions, and what they tell you is false, whose responsibility is that?

Many of those CEO's were definitely incompetent and should be sacked, being incompetent is not a criminal offense though.

Fraud is a criminal offense.

Comment Re:Why is this story worthy? (Score 4, Informative) 106

Why is this worthy of Slashdot? This is just an executive being busted by the FBI.

Because the exec was responsible for validating code that was found to not be doing what he said it did.

Do you have anybody in your company doing QA? Or auditing code? Think they might be interested in this?

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